Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer Review

Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer Review

If you have tried it all, done it all then you are definitely in need of Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer for a completely different experience of exercising. This machine is designed to be different and to target the muscles in the body that no other exercise machine can. Elliptical machines, upright and recumbent bikes have all done what they could but none of them could target the muscles that Helix Aerobic lateral trainer does.

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Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer Review

Key Features: This machine looks different and does something different, as the name suggests too. It has footrests that move in a circular path to give you a completely different exercise routine, which is not only back and forth but sideways too. The top part is consisted of two long and arched handlebars with padding to ensure that your hands are always comfortable regardless of the durations of your exercises.

There is an LCD attached right at the front of the machine. It’s not a colored LCD but displays feedback on the exercise concisely with essential information. This is the best piece of equipment when you need to work on the inner and outer thighs. The pedals can rotate, move up and down and go sideways to put ample pressure on your inner and outer thighs to make them stronger and toned. The grip pulse option on the handlebars lets you know about your heart rate whenever you wish to know it.

The pedals are cushioned and have patterns to avoid slipping during the workouts. The pedals can also rotate in alternate directions to give you options for exercises that you have not explored before. There is a bottle holder attached to the front tubular section of the machine to keep you hydrated. The rubber feet of the machine to ensure that it stays in its place firmly when you are doing the exercises. Not to mention, you can best train yourself on this machine if you are an athlete or wish to become one.

The space occupied by the machine is only 42x37-inch so you can easily keep it at home or the smallest room of your house too. Even though it doesn’t look like the most fascinating high-tech machine, Helix Aerobic Lateral Trainer is best in delivering the results when you wish to improve the lower body muscles, especially buttocks and thighs. Customers have loved their purchases and for its great performance they have rated this machine at 5 out of 5 on Amazon.

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