Hate Exercising? Here Are 5 Ideas to Change the Way You Think

More of us should be exercising regularly, since it is so beneficial and necessary for health and fitness. Some health benefits include regulated blood pressure, reduced cancer risk, uplifted mood and a longer life expectancy. However, you cannot achieve all this if you look at exercising as a dreary chore that needs to be done as opposed to an interesting routine you look forward to each day.

You can think more positively about exercise in the following 5 ways:

Idea #1: Set realistic goals

Most people make the mistake of jump-starting their exercise plan with tough goals that quickly start to look non-achievable. If you attempt to run 3 miles the very first day, you’ll give up trying real soon when you feel sore all over the next day. Start out with smaller goals such as walking for 30 to 45 minutes the first day. Gradually increase that duration by 10 minutes, until you have developed a regular routine for exercise and are able to reach your goal of running 3 miles a day.

Idea #2: Get a fitness partner

You are less likely to back out of your workout regimen if you have a friend or exercise partner to hold you accountable. You can both motivate each other and exercise together to make it a better experience. You can even treat it like a competition to make things more interesting.

Idea #3: Do some cardio

Your exercise program needs to include strength and weight training, but it can get monotonous. That is why you should focus on cardio and choose different activities to bring variety into your routine. Walking, running, cycling and tennis are just some forms of cardio you can choose from, and it also enables you to work different muscle groups each time.

Idea #4: Do yoga

If you want to bring more harmony in your mental and physical states, you can also try yoga. Mental and spiritual well-being are equally important to make your workouts truly effective.

The health benefits provided by yoga include:
• Less stress
• Renewed sense of enthusiasm
• Positive thoughts
• Mental clarity
• Improved sleep

Yoga is suitable for anyone because it is low-impact and easy on the joints. Adding yoga to your workout routine will change the way you look at exercise.

Idea #5: Eat healthy

Proper diet is as important for healthy and fit living as exercise. Unhealthy eating cannot be crossed out with exercise, and they both complement each other. Your diet should consist of mostly lean meats, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Consult a dietitian if you are confused about how to get the right kind of nutrition.

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