Guide For People Buying Treadmill As A Gift

Guide For People Buying Treadmill As A GiftIt can become quite a task when you have to buy a treadmill and it’s the first time you are buying it. Things can get even tougher when you are buying a treadmill as a gift because you want to make sure you get the best item at a good price. The looks of a treadmill are not of primary importance but at times they matter too, however, the most important things that must be carefully considered before you make your decision and pay for a treadmill are given below. These tips should help you in picking buying the right treadmill as a gift.


This is probably the most important thing you would want to look at. A DC motor is always quiet and quiet operation of a treadmill is of crucial importance. Secondly, it is best that you choose a motor that’s at or above 2.5HP. To be even more on the safe side you should prefer the continuous duty rating when considering the motor of a treadmill.

Intelligent Design

Don’t look at the design, look at the intelligent design. Are side railings located at a right distance? Are they giving you the support you need and not coming in your way as you move your arms back and forth while running? How wide and long is the belt? Will you be comfortable in taking long strides and running with free motion? Does the machine fix and cling firmly to the ground or is it shaky?

The Console

You might not have thought that you would be giving much attention to this part but it needs a lot of attention. A treadmill with some pre-installed programs is always a great option since it relaxes the user by freeing him from guesswork of which particular workout to do on a particular day. The numbers and letters on the console should be easily readable. The heart rate option must always be displayed and an LED with backlight should always be preferred. Not to mention, the menu on the console should be user-friendly and easily usable.

Durability And Sturdiness

This part needs no mentioning since everyone knows the durability and sturdiness of any machine is most important. Look for at least a 2-ply belt and a body made of stainless steel or some other sturdy material. Plastic is the last thing you would want on your treadmill.

Footprint And User Capacity

If you are buying a treadmill as a gift and know that the person using it doesn’t have enough space to store the machine, you should prefer a treadmill with a small footprint. A machine with a depth of 70-inch is a perfect size to be kept at home. Anything above this size will start to look big and overwhelming in a home setting. If nothing works, go for a folding machine that can be stored in almost any house and room. User capacity should be around and above 275 pounds. If you can get 300-pound maximum user capacity, it would be best.

Complete Package

A treadmill can be a complete package if you are ready to pay a little extra for it and it’s best that you pay a few dollars extra when buying a treadmill as a gift. The machine should allow the user to plug in his mp3 player or iPod. It should have speakers to make workouts fun. A cooling fan is now found commonly on treadmills so wouldn’t want to miss that. A few expensive treadmill will also allow the information of the user to be stored and transferred through USB to computers. This information can be used by users to track their progress through online fitness programs and applications.


It might not be a problem for commercial users to move their machines from one place to another but home users have to change their settings quite often. Always look for treadmills that have transport wheels for easy mobility. Treadmills can be quite heavy and difficult to move if there are not transport wheels.


Of course, the most important thing that needs to be considered in any purchase around the world is the price. The best way to buy gifts is to go for special discounts and deals that are often available. You can always buy a treadmill as a gift in Black Friday deals or pick one at a great discount from Cyber Monday deals. There are high chances that you might end up getting up to a 50% discount on the original price of the product.

If you are researching on the internet for your options and taking your time in considering all the options given above, you are definitely going to end up with a great treadmill. Lastly, do not forget to explore the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year deals when buying a treadmill as a gift or some other fitness equipment. This is the best way for you to get a top-class treadmill at half the rates than they are normally at throughout the year.

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