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The Tabata Workout

Health And Other Benefits Of Tabata Workouts:

You now know what Tabata is and why it is so effective. But, what, exactly, are the benefits of Tabata interval training? Here we’ll look at some of the main ones.

#1 Aerobic Conditioning
Four minutes of cardio-focused Tabata training gives your cardiovascular system a better workout than a whole hour of similar steady-state exercise. It’s ramping up what is required from the heart and the entire circulatory system—and when your body sees that something is required of it, it delivers.

#2 Anaerobic Conditioning
Because of the strain you put on your muscles doing those high-intensity bursts of activity, Tabata workouts are ideal for anaerobic conditioning.

Anaerobic exercise is defined as being short in duration, high in intensity that lasts anywhere from seconds to two minutes. Anaerobic literally means “without oxygen” where one is gasping for air during exercise.

Examples of anaerobic exercise are those that use fast twitch muscle fibers, and multiple muscle groups, like jumps, sprints, lunge jumps and mountain climbers.

During anaerobic activity the body is triggered to form lactic acid and this type of training is typically used to build strength, speed and muscle.

But, it is also the ideal state for fat burning.

When you push your muscles to the limit, your body decides to build more to make the ‘next time’ easier. Because of this, Tabata training is a good choice if you want to exchange a little extra fat for some lean muscle.

#3 Fat Burning
A high intensity Tabata workout can really burn a large amount of calories in a very short time, and, what’s more, it’ll put your metabolism in high gear for 12+ hours afterwards.

A recent study presented at the 2013 World Conference on Exercise showed that 4 minutes of basic squat jumps done according to the Tabata method burnt the same number of calories as 30 minutes of regular cardio exercise.

#4 Increasing Stamina And Endurance
We’ve all heard the basic game plan for increasing stamina—do an activity, such as, running, for as long as you feel you can do it, and then do it a little more. While this works, it’s long and tedious.

Tabata gives you the same results in almost no time, because ‘pushing the limits’ doesn’t come half an hour or an hour after your workout begins, but approximately fifteen or eighteen seconds in.

#5 Self-Confidence
Letting yourself be all you can be, even for only 20 seconds, can drastically improve your mood and boost your self-confidence.

There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment and pride in working through obstacles and with Tabata, unless, you are an Olympic athlete, there will be obstacles.

But, once you actually complete an entire 4 minute workout, begin to see changes in your body and fitness, you will feel extraordinary.

#6 Minimal Time
One of the greatest benefits of Tabata is that you can fit a 4 minute workout into your day no matter how busy you are. And, for those that do not particularly enjoy exercise and don’t want to spend an hour on a treadmill or elliptical machine this can be a good option.

But, keep in mind that that 4 minutes is in no way easy, it is brutal, it is very intense, but, it is also highly effective.

Another benefit of the Tabata workout is the regularity with which you can schedule it. A trip to the gym or a regular workout using one of your favorite 40-minute exercise DVDs is good for you when you can do it, but, there are plenty of days you can’t schedule it in.

Think about it. Is there any other way you can spend that 4 minutes that offers anywhere near the same benefits to your personal health and well-being?

No fancy equipment required…
No fancy training required…
No time required…
All you need to do is push yourself to it.

If you read until this moment, then you are probably well aware of the benefits of this incredible FOUR MINUTE WORKOUT!

4 Minute? Sound easy! But the problem many people kept on facing was keeping track of the interval time. Unless there was a clock right in front of you, else you’ll find yourself getting frustrated. Depending on the exercise, continually breaking form to look at your watch can really throw you out of the zone… and obviously sacrifices good form.

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The Tabata Workout