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How many times have you decided to exercise and not taken action? You know exercise is good for you, yet the motivation hasn’t surfaced.

There is definitely a difference between knowing you should do something and wanting to do something, and exercise often gets pushed to the side because quite frankly no one really wants to do it.

The key to exercising, and wanting to exercise, is twofold.

  • The first component to success is to find an exercise that you actually like. No joke, there are probably dozens of exercises that you would find fun and enjoyable.
  • The second component of this is to align your new-found fun exercise options with your goals.

What do you want to achieve by exercising and how do you want it to improve your life?

Fit For LifeIn this post, we’ll take a look at 15 ways that exercise improves your life. You’ll have an abundance of benefits to choose from. I’ll also talk about a wide variety of exercises along the way so you can begin to think beyond the elliptical and treadmill. Those are both great exercise machines, but there are more options to consider.

Rest assured, once you find an exercise or two that you enjoy and you begin to realize the benefits of exercise, you will become a lifetime exerciser.

Let’s get started!

#1 Exercise Helps You Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss

You know this already. You know that exercise burns calories. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn. A pound is 3,500 calories. So for every 3,500 calories you burn, you lose a pound…download to read more…

#2 Exercise Helps Prevent Chronic Disease and Can Reverse Some Diseases

There are several chronic conditions that exercise can reverse, improve, or prevent. For example, many people suffering from arthritis are told to exercise daily. The movement helps reduce pain and improve mobility. However, let’s take a look at three of the most common conditions that people suffer from and how exercise can help improve the lives of people who are impacted…download the publication to read more…

#3 Exercise Improves Your Mood

You’ve heard of the “runner’s high.” It’s what happens when runners experience a surge of chemicals that are released by the body. The chemicals are called endorphins. They react with the receptors in your brain and accomplish a few wonderful side effects.

One side effect is that you feel less pain…download to understand more…

#4 Regular Exercise Boosts Your Energy

Exercise shouldn’t make you tired. It should be something that you do each day that leaves you feeling good both physically and mentally. In fact, exercise forces your body to create more energy…download to know more…

#5 Regular Exercise Helps You Get Better Sleep

Fit For LifeWe just talked about how exercise increases energy. This extra energy production can initially impact your sleep. Some people who begin exercising find that for a short time their sleep worsens. One reason is that they may be exercising too hard. They may be stimulating their “fight of flight” response, which can leave you feeling jittery.

However, over time – even if you’re embracing intense workouts – your body begins to mute the stress response…read more…

#6 Regular Exercise Helps Improve Your Sex Life

While an improved libido and sex life may not be at the top of your exercise goals, it’s surely a nice perk. Men and women both receive benefit from regular physical activity, though the impact is different. For women, it makes them more sensitive to touch, and men experience improved function and better orgasms…download to read the full story…

#7 Exercise Brings More Fun Into Your Life

We started off discussing how exercise should be fun. One of the reasons so many people struggle to create a daily exercise habit is because they fall prey to an exercise magazine’s idea of what exercise should be. They think they need to run to exercise or that they need to create a home gym to motivate themselves.

#8 Regular Exercise Gives You a Boost of Confidence

How do you feel when you accomplish a goal? What does it feel like when you look in the mirror and like what you see? Confidence is the direct result of committing to an exercise program and following through. You begin to realize that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to.

And yes, vanity plays a little role in your confidence boost too. As you exercise your body will begin to change.

#9 Exercise Can Help You Improve Your Discipline and Determination

And failures only help lock in that sense of determination. This benefit will begin to be part of your life. As you move through your fitness goals, your sense of discipline and determination will take hold. You’ll notice that you may be more determined at work. Click here to read the example stated in this publication now.

#10 Exercise Improves Your Ability to Set, and Achieve, Goals

Fit For LifeYou might think this is a minor benefit; however the vast majority of people are terrible at setting goals. What usually happens is they set tremendous goals that are near impossible to achieve. For example, they decide they want to run a marathon when they’ve never run before, or they want to lose 100 pounds yet they have no idea how to begin.

#11 Exercise Helps You Enjoy Improved Self-Care

An interesting thing happens when you begin to exercise and take better care of yourself. You learn the benefits of making your health and well being a priority. And you also learn that the world doesn’t crumble around you when you make your health a priority – in fact, it often stands up to support you.

#12 Regular Exercise Helps You Lead a Better Lifestyle

What does the ideal lifestyle look like to you? In your vision are you healthy, energetic, calm, and engaged in life? Are you happy and smiling? This may sound like a dream, but exercise can actually be the path to the life you envision.

#13 Exercise Helps Improve Your Brain Power

I’ve talked about how exercise reduces your risk for dementia, and the truth is that doctors aren’t exactly sure how it works. It may be something as simple as the fact that your brain gets more oxygen when you exercise. However, they do know how exercise helps in other areas of your brain function.

#14 A Better Outlook on Life

If you or someone you love has suffered from depression you might already know that doctors and psychiatrists often prescribe exercise as part of the treatment for depression. In fact, many times exercise can reverse mild to moderate depression.

#15 Exercise Helps You Enjoy the Benefits of Competition and Camaraderie

Many types of exercise have the added element of competition and camaraderie. For example, if you’re on a team then you practice, win, and lose together. You also get to enjoy the benefit of feeling competitive and pushing yourself to do your very best. Competition can bring out the best in us. It can make you push yourself in a way that you never would otherwise…download this publication for further reading…

Conclusion – How to Fit Exercise into Your Life

Fit For LifeI’ve talked a lot about a wide variety of benefits and exercises. You may feel a bit overwhelmed. Let’s wrap this up with a few steps that will help you take the information you’ve received and use it to create a plan of action.

1 – Make a List. Write down a handful of exercises or activities that you’re interested in trying or returning to. For example, you might write down snowboarding, rock climbing, running, and mountain biking. Or you might write down yoga, hiking, ballet, and rowing. Don’t judge yourself or look for reasons why an activity may not be realistic. Just write down what sounds good to you right now.

2 – Research Your Options. Begin researching the possibilities. For example, if you’re interested in rock climbing, maybe there’s a climbing gym in your community. If you want to start hiking, you might make a list of trails and their distances and difficulty levels. You might also look for hiking groups or clubs to join. Explore the possibilities.

3 – Start Small. Identify one thing that you can do today to start adding your activity into your life. Can you go on a small hike? Are you able to rent or buy a ballet video and learn a few moves in your living room? Does your rec center offer a basketball league and court? Can you head over there to shoot a few hoops?

4 – Set Your Goals. What do you want to achieve? Remember the SMART goals? Use that guideline to help you identify something that is challenging but possible for you to achieve.

5 – Create Your Plan. Use your goals to help you create a regular exercise plan. Remember to start small and gradually increase your time and goals. The keyword is “regular” exercise. Starting small allows you to gradually acclimate your body, your mind, and your life to your new program.

Finally, be patient. You’re probably not going to reap the benefits of your exercise efforts the first couple days. However, with time, dedication, and persistence you will change your life. Give yourself the commitment of exercising regularly, 4-6 times a week, for at least three months to experience the benefits. You’ll be glad that you did.

I hope you found this information useful.

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It’s probably no big newsflash to you that exercise and diet are required for proper health. You should also make sure you stay hydrated, and get plenty of rest. And since everyone is physically unique, the health tips and tricks that work for one individual may not work for you. However, it has been universally shown that exercise can actually treat medical conditions, aside from making you feel good and helping you maintain a healthy body weight.

Exercise to Prevent DiseasesIn many cases, exercise can more effectively treat certain physical conditions and ailments than medications. The problem is that drug companies do not make any money off of you when you exercise and stay in shape. That is why they spend so much money on advertising their pills and medications. You are told to simply pop a pill to cure what ails you, but this is not always the best advice.

Let’s take a look at some dangerous and even deadly conditions that are treated equally or even more effectively by exercise than medication.