Focus T25 DVD Review

Focus T25 DVD Review

Shaun T’s Focus T25 DVD workout is a solution for those who are already tired of all the extremely challenging dietary plans and workouts that are so difficult to do that more than half of the people leave them in the middle. This is an easy for those who want to work out while staying at home and don’t have too much time in a day to spend hours on doing workouts and exercises.

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Focus T25 DVD Review

Key Features: First, this is a package that contains DVDs that will train you on various workouts focused fully on burning your fat and working on your entire body through cardiovascular exercises. In addition to the 11 DVDs that you get in the package you will also get a resistance band. In addition to the various exercises and workouts you also get an effective nutrition plan, workout calendar and a fast track guide consisting of 5 days. All the DVDs are meant to make the workout enthusiasts work for only 25 minutes a day to get the best results.

DVDs are divided into 2 sections: alpha and beta. Each section is 5-week long where the focus is on upper and lower body separately. The main target of all the exercises is to burn the fat and provide as much challenging workout in 25 minutes that people obtain in 1 hour normally. The users will be doing workouts, burning fat, toning their body, strengthening their muscles and also boosting their metabolism. Sweating is something that will take place a lot in these exercises.

There is an additional DVD included in the package focusing on the stretching exercises. Users are never let alone when they have bought the package. In fact, they have access to customer support 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The great thing about this particular workout from Shaun is that users will not be spending the entire week in training themselves. They will get the weekend off to give rest to their bodies and prepare for some more challenging workout the next week.

A drawback that some people might find in this particular DVD package is that it can get too challenging at times, especially when all the exercises that people normally do in an hour or more will be done in just 25 minutes. The transition is very fast and some people might have a problem with that. However, if you are ready to lose some weight and be in shape without lifting weight and paying high costs for gym memberships, Focus T25 is the best product for you.

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