FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat Review

FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat Review

There are several reasons for which a quality exercise mat is necessary for Pilates and yoga practice. It makes your workouts safe, can be placed anywhere, provides a thick padding surface and can be cleaned easily. This is all true for the FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat, which also has an environment-friendly design and comes with a warranty and guarantee from the manufacturers. So take a closer look at this handy mat and see what it has to offer.

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FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat Review

Key Features:
* Special moisture repelling design
* Fully reversible mat
* Advanced grip pattern ensures no-slip performance
* Eco-friendly construction
* 30 day money back guarantee

Why is the FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat Such a Smart Buy?

The sheer number of exercise mats available for purchase is a testament to the fact that some kind of matting is definitely necessary for properly practicing yoga and Pilates in a safe manner.

The FloAthletika company were particular about releasing a product that doesn’t harm the environment, so this 100% biodegradable mat is free of PVC and is non-toxic. This Premium Yoga/Pilates durable mat also provides comfort and can be used from both sides since it is reversible.

The product comes with a one year warranty and will be replaced for free by the manufacturers if it fails to meet requirements for some reason. Customers are also offered an exclusive 30 day guarantee from FloAthletika and you will be refunded if you are not satisfied with this premium exercise mat.

If you have ever used cheap foam mats, you will be familiar with the unpleasant smell it eventually develops which doesn’t go away even with washing. The FloAthletika Premium Mat, however, blocks bacteria and repels moisture such as sweat and water, so that it always smells fresh.

The large mat is 24 inches wide and 72 inches long, giving you a larger area for working out compared to other exercise mats, yet still stays extremely lightweight.

The price of this Pilates and yoga mat is more than what ordinary exercise mats would cost you, but is well worth it. It is eco-friendly, portable, reversible, sweat resistant and easy to clean, and measures wider than standard mats.

The FloAthletika Premium Yoga / Pilates Mat is a smart purchase for any Pilates and yoga fan who wants to use non-toxic products and practice on a mat that has many benefits and premium features to offer.

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