Exercises that Compliment Pilates Programs

Pilates has a good reputation for losing weight effectively. In order to hasten the process, you should also include cardiovascular exercises and strength training.

#1 Cardiovascular Exercises

The main theory behind losing weight involves losing more calories than you gain each day. One way of making sure you are doing a good job is to do cardio activities like running, brisk walking or cycling. These are basically activities that increase your heart rate thus speeding blood circulation in the body. Your body needs to sustain this for at least 30 minutes before you can say that you are physically fit for regular exercise. Other activities that belong to this category aside from most types of sports include stationary cycling, treadmills and kickboxing.

#2 Strength Training

When you achieve your target number of calories to burn, the next thing you would want to do is keep your body from gaining weight again even when you stop exercising. The only way to do this is by transforming all the remaining fats in the body to lean muscle. I’m not saying you have to be a bodybuilder. Just target the large muscle groups and tone other areas so you have lower chances of gaining weight immediately. Don’t do this training every day. Just incorporate 2-3 days a week.

Benefits of Doing Pilates

Pilates is an effective body-conditioning program that prepares your body for intense workouts. Whether you are doing it to reach a certain goal or are just doing it to stay fit, doing the exercise gives you the following benefits:
• Strengthens all muscle groups around the core of the body.
• Significantly improves blood flow and circulation for better physical performance.
• Promote more range of motion in the joints for better overall flexibility.
• Improves mental concentration allowing efficient movement and execution.
• Encourage overall muscle balance by targeting weak areas and building them up while continuously strengthening all the others.

Pilates may not be enough depending on the goal you want to achieve. While it is a great core strengthening workout, it does not specifically improve a particular part of the body for emphasis. You might have to bring complimentary exercises in order to condition your body towards your aim.

Furthermore, you will never regret if your goal is weight loss. By the time you lose all the pounds you gained, your body will continue to improve for the better toning all the lose muscles in the process. As long as you keep doing Pilates, you can ensure that your body will stay in peak condition and be able to perform in top shape.

Not sure what to expect from Pilates or if it’s right for you? Learn about this almost 100 year old program and why it continues to grow in popularity. The Pilates Fitness Guide helps you choose the best Pilates program for your needs and goals, guides you through the basic movements, and teaches you how to get the most from your efforts.

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