Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Exercise Bikes

We can’t thank technology enough for allowing us to stay fit while staying at home. With indoor exercise bikes you can focus on your stamina, heart rate, leg muscles and overall fitness without having to go outside or visit a gym. However, it is not easy to buy an indoor exercise bike because they have evolved a lot with time. New features have been added to them with time and now there are some with hybrid functions and touchscreen console displays. They have become completely computerized and we can only expect more progress in this technology with time.

When you are out in the market you will see many different types of indoor bikes. Knowing a little about them by researching on the internet can give you a good idea of what you should buy and what to avoid. Let’s get into the details and know what you must know about indoor exercise bikes before you are able to make a good purchase.

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Introduction To Indoor Exercise Bikes

Indoor exercise bikes, as the name suggests, are meant to give you an opportunity to do cycling at home. They are stationary bikes but mimic a real bicycle to near perfection to give you a good experience. Their main components include the seating, handlebars and a moving wheel just like outdoor bikes. However, the different part on them is the console that’s meant to tell you all about your workouts so you can keep a track on the progress of your workouts and fitness. There are many different types of indoor exercise bikes. Read on to know about them.

Spinning, Recumbent And Upright Bike

When you start searching for indoor exercise bikes, these are the terms you will come across first. All of these are indoor bikes with little differences. The recumbent bike is called the recumbent bike because it lets you sit in a recumbent position. You sit on this bike just like you sit in a comfortable chair. It is mostly preferred by those who have back and spine problems but still want to focus on their fitness. (Note: check the recumbent bike reviews at here). Upright bike is meant to mimic the real outdoor bike in its construction and seating arrangement.

The seat on this bike can move forward/backward and upward/downward. It will mostly have a very high-tech console with a display telling you about your workout feedback. Some entertainment features like iPod compatibility are also included on its console. They have a lot of pre-installed programs on them. The moving wheel is often hidden from the view and you can move the pedals freely when the wheel is rotating. That’s where the main difference between an upright and spinning bike lies. The spinning bikes’ pedals are locked with the flywheel and will continue to move for as long as the flywheel doesn’t come to a stop. (Note: you can check these upright bike reviews here).

Spinning bike is considered the most fitness focusing bike and is the one used mostly by professionals. It is also made in a way to allow you to pedal in many different positions. You could even leave the seat and pedal in a standing position. You won’t necessarily find a console with a display on it but there are some options with basic consoles. Get to know all the spinning bike reviews today.

Folding And Non-Folding Exercise Bikes

Folding and unfolding options are specially integrated on bikes for home use. People who want to have an indoor exercise bike for home use don’t have enough space to accommodate them. They either go for a bike with a compact size and small footprint or the best solution is to go for a folding one. The folding mechanism has its pros and cons. Folding a heavy piece of equipment can always be dangerous. Furthermore, the folding of the bike should be easy and not require too much strength. Folding bikes are good for people who like to travel while carrying their fitness items with them.

Non-folding bikes are the more common options you will find in the market. They are so popular because many makers would already keep the footprint of the bike small enough that you don’t require any folding. It is highly recommended that you measure the size of your room or space where you will be putting this exercise bike because moving it to a new place in the house won’t be easy.

The Hybrid Recumbent/Rower And Hybrid Elliptical/Upright Bike

Yes, you can also look for hybrid options if you want to focus more muscles. One drawback of indoor exercise bikes is that they are too focused on legs and provide nothing for upper body muscles. That’s when the hybrid options work.

The rower/recumbent bike is the combination of a recumbent bike and a rowing machine. Make sure the seat is fully and properly padded because it is going to get a lot of beating as you use it for not only cycling but rowing as well. The construction should be of sturdy aluminum because such a machine needs to be extremely strong.

You will always find a monitor/LCD display with such hybrid bikes. What you must know is that they can occupy a lot of space when you are using because of their big size. However, now you have folding hybrid rower/recumbent bikes available too.

The elliptical/upright bike is another great combination and you can find a few options in the market for this one too. The elliptical side of this contraption provides movement of your arms too whereas the upright bike is meant to focus on your legs. They often boast a heavy flywheel. Make sure the seat comes with a lots of adjustment options. The good thing is that most options in the market come with folding mechanism.

Mini Exercise Bike

When everything just sounds too big for you to accommodate in your house, go for the amazing mini exercise bike. This bike won’t actually look like a bike and rather look like a small machine with pedals on it but it does the job well. It also comes with a display monitor to give you full feedback on your workout. There are enough tension levels included on these bikes for you to start from basic and reach the more challenging exercises. The good thing about these exercise bikes is that they can be used not only for legs but arms too. The most amazing thing about them is their size and because of their small size you can just put them under the table on which you are doing your office work and start pedaling to exercise while working.


From above information you can easily conclude that buying an exercise bike is not a matter of which one is better than which one. It is more of a matter of your requirements. If you want an exercise bike but have no space to accommodate one at home, mini exercise bike is the solution for you. If you are pursuing full body fitness and pedaling on conventional upright and recumbent bikes doesn’t give that to you then a hybrid option is the best option for you. If you have problems in your back or spine and want to rest while pedaling, recumbent bike is your thing. If you are a fitness enthusiast and work out like a professional, pick a spinning bike today.