Empower Portable Pilates Studio Review

Empower Portable Pilates Studio Review

Renowned fitness expert Gin Miller created the Empower Portable Pilates Studio to be your personal trainer for Pilates practice. In this easy to understand DVD, you are guided through a workout to help you maximize results in an affordable and convenient way. The hour-long routine also comes with hard Pilates equipment, so this Pilates Studio deserves a closer look at what to expect.

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Empower Portable Pilates Studio Review

Key Features:
* 60 minutes Pilates DVD
* Included are a Pilates bar and two 30 inch power cords
* Includes bonus upper body strength workout
* Affordable, lightweight and portable
* Ideal for Pilates and upper body strength training

Why is the Empower Portable Pilates Studio Such a Good Buy?

A sizable investment needs to be made if you hire a personal trainer and purchase equipment such as resistance bands and a Pilates bar. However, you can save money and still avail all the services of a Pilates instructor whenever you want with the budget-friendly Empower Portable Pilates Studio.

Unlike most DVDs which simply contain a demonstration by professionals, this hour-long video shows Gin Miller instructing a student, which is a better way to learn how to do Pilates with perfect form. Watching an amateur practice and learn from the professional can make it easier for the people viewing it at home to relate instead of just watching an expert perform who is much more advanced than them.

The instructional and motivational tips included in the video are also very helpful. Proper form is encouraged and demonstrated and mistakes commonly made during certain moves are corrected. This way you get thorough guidance throughout the video.

The Empower Portable Pilates Studio comes complete with a Pilates bar and strap system for core, upper and lower body strengthening. The power cords included are a better and safer way to get resistance instead of tubes. The bar is easily assembled and disassembled and allows space-saving storage.

This Empower Portable Pilates Studio is great for toning the entire body, and the bonus workout included for upper body strength makes it even more effective for getting fit. Every Pilates practitioner and beginner will appreciate this cost-saving studio and DVD that can help you achieve a firm, toned and strong body without spending a lot of money.

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