Everything You Need To Know About Ellipticals

Exercise equipment sold for home users is available in all shapes and sizes today. All that you used to see in the high-end gyms in the past can now be brought home. Elliptical trainers came out as very successful equipment for exercising. Many people moved from exercise bikes to elliptical trainers for their effectiveness. Buying one has always remained a challenge for people since they are not much aware of what features these elliptical trainers boast and what makes an elliptical better than another. Here is some detailed information about elliptical trainers so you can make the right choice.

Sole E55 Elliptical Review

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All of these topics will be covered so keep reading to learn what you need to know about elliptical!

#1 What Are Elliptical Trainers?

Elliptical trainers are different from the exercise bikes as they mimic your walking and running motion rather than imitating a cycling position. They have large footplates on which you put your feet and as you start to move on these machines you feel as if you are walking in real. It is an important factor for all makers to focus that their elliptical trainer must mimic a perfect walking or running motion. These machines are heavier than exercise bikes and they commonly occupy more space on the floor too. They can be of many types and some are given below.

#2 Rear, Front And Center Drive Elliptical Trainers

Rear-drive and front-drive are the most common types of elliptical trainers in the market. The center-drive elliptical trainers are quite new and so you can’t say much about their durability and longevity. As you can see from the names, rear-drive elliptical trainers are the ones with flywheel located at the back side. When you are using these elliptical trainers you can’t see the moving flywheel. These elliptical trainers are generally more expensive than the front-drive elliptical trainers. They have many advantages more than the front-drive elliptical trainers too. Get to know all the rear-drive elliptical trainer reviews today.

It has been mostly observed that rear-drive elliptical trainer provides a better standing position to the user whereas the front-drive causes the users to lean forward a little. At the same time, the front-drive trainer has more moving parts and thus it requires more maintenance compared to a rear-drive elliptical. Since you have more moving parts on front-drive elliptical trainers you can expect them to be a bit noisier than the rear-drive elliptical machines. However, the front-drive elliptical machines can be just as quiet as ones that have rear mechanism. It depends on the make and model you choose. Check out all the front-drive elliptical reviews here.

The center drive is the newest type of elliptical trainers. On this particular trainer you will find flywheels working on both sides of the trainer i.e. left and right. It is the most recommended trainer when it comes to upright positioning of the user. However, this is the most expensive elliptical too. Another big advantage of center-drive elliptical is that it is quite compact in size since the flywheels are located on left and right. This particular elliptical can have a footprint as small as only 40-inch on the floor, which is quite small compared to the space that conventional elliptical machines occupy. Get the center drive elliptical reviews here.

#3 Magnetic And Air Elliptical Trainers

This is another important factor that you must consider before you pay for an elliptical trainer. You must decide the type of mechanism you want on your elliptical trainer. On elliptical trainer you are allowed to increase the resistance of your pedals for more challenging workouts. Different elliptical trainers have different resistance levels. The more resistance levels you have the more professional training you can get on your trainer. However, the difference between two adjacent levels should not be too much.

The magnetic resistance uses the electro-magnetic mechanism to provide you more resistance. This mechanism is quite high-tech and produces absolutely no noise. You can change the levels of resistance with the help of a button or knob as you are working out. The air resistance elliptical trainers have a flywheel that looks like a fan. The faster you pedal the faster the fan moves and higher the resistance goes. Air resistance is natural resistance but it is quite noisy. It is hard to watch TV or listen to songs on speakers when you are pedaling fast on your air resistance elliptical.

When it comes to costs, air resistance elliptical will always be more affordable. When you talk about long term affordability, magnetic resistance elliptical is more affordable because it requires little to no maintenance.

#4 Seated Elliptical Trainer

You want to benefit from an elliptical trainer but your back doesn’t allow you to stand up for such a long time. This is when you will find seated elliptical as the best choice. This elliptical has a big seat attached to it on which you sit. The seat is padded and its height and distance from the pedals can be adjusted. The moving handlebars are located close to the seat for you to hold them while pedaling. This type of elliptical is more suited for working on gluteus muscles and some upper arm exercise. Here are some seated elliptical as your reference.

#5 Hybrid Elliptical/Upright Bike

When you want the best of both worlds, the hybrid elliptical/upright bike is the thing you should bring home. Knowing that these elliptical trainers have dual functions might make you believe that they are very expensive but the truth is that they are not that expensive. You can get a good option at around $500. When you want to do full body exercise you can use the elliptical portion of the machine so you can move your arms and legs both. When you want to focus more on your legs just use your machine as an upright bike. Check out this type of hybrid elliptical reviews here.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you need to research the combos/dual trainer more than the conventional elliptical trainers. It is because bringing both together isn’t as easy as it seems. Many makers have ended up with machines that look nice with their dual functionalities but aren’t as good when it comes to performance. They are either very unstable, the parts become squeaky very soon or the combination doesn’t prove to be very successful. In short, the positioning of the user is not good.

Hybrid trainers are great options and you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy them. You can get a great hybrid elliptical/upright bike within $300. It is best to tread the online reviews about the product before you buy it.

#6 Elliptical By Brand

To read the elliptical review of any brand listed below please click on the name of the brand.

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#7 Elliptical By Price

If price is your goal, then all of our reviews have been grouped into five price brackets:

>> Under $500 Elliptical Reviews

>> $500 – $999 Elliptical Reviews

>> $1000 – $1499 Elliptical Reviews

>> $1500 – $2000 Elliptical Reviews

>> Over $2000 Elliptical Reviews


The innovation in fitness technology has brought us to a point where we can bring an exercise equipment home with dual and triple functionalities. The money we used to spend on buying only an upright or spinning bike in the past can now bring home an upright bike as well as an elliptical trainer. However, you must not let these innovative and intriguing features make you spend money on things you don’t need. You won’t always need an elliptical trainer as well as an exercise bike. An elliptical trainer is already good enough to provide you a full body workout.

The moving handlebars focus on your arms and upper body whereas the movement of your feet on the footplates makes your legs stronger. However, hybrid machines are great solutions for families where there some members looking to buy an elliptical trainer whereas some interested in an upright bike. Don’t forget to go for the center-drive elliptical if you have a shortage of space in your house.