EA Sports Active 2 Review

EA Sports Active 2 Review

Home fitness gaming is becoming increasingly popular, and as demand increases, more fitness games are being developed for gaming consoles. The first EA Sports Active game was designed for Wii, but this version is modified to be compatible with the Kinect as well. Several games are available for the Xbox Kinect, but what sets EA Sports Active 2 apart is the range of activity that is possible with this game. It includes a heart rate monitor and workouts can be customized according to your individual needs.

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The fitness gaming experience is a whole lot better and fulfilling with the Kinect when compared with the Wii and PS3, due to its body motion detection feature. It gives more accurate feedback and allows versatility in workouts. With so many other gaming titles on the market for the Xbox Kinect, there has to be good reason for any particular one to establish itself as a class apart.

EA Sports Active 2: The Pros

Custom Workouts: EA Sports Active 2 is better than other games because it is possible to plan and structure a personalized workout program according to individual needs. Users who need a specific type of workout or a certain intensity level will find this feature extremely beneficial. It can be programmed to target a certain area or avoid any part where there are issues.

You can also benefit from the various exercises in the pre-programmed workout for body conditioning in addition to creating your own workout schedules. It comes in three different intensity levels and spans nine weeks.

Huge Activity Range: The major advantage of home fitness gaming with the Xbox is the wider range of activities that it can detect as compared to the PS3 Move or Wii. Those two are controller based and so motion detection is limited to controller sensors. However the Kinect allows for more varied moves and higher difficulty levels. The EA Sports Active is able to facilitate workouts of any intensity level, and it is helpful in focusing on any particular area with a custom workout. It also prevents you from performing the same exercises repeatedly.

Heart Rate Monitor: The EA Sports Active game also comes with a heart rate monitor that you can attach to your forearm for detailed and accurate feedback during exercise. If you intend to do some simple and gentle activity, there won’t really be a need for the monitor, but those who perform high intensity cardio will find the heart rate monitor a very useful inclusion.

The monitor is comfortable to wear, and is an added attraction and a unique feature which you will not find with other Kinect fitness gaming titles.

EA Sports Active 2: The Cons

Menu Controls: The menu controls for EA Sports Active 2 are faulty and contain glitches. The interface was originally designed for Wii and so doesn’t work very well with Kinect. Even software updates were not able to remedy the problem and there can be difficulty in navigation of the menu screen. It is better to use the Xbox controller for navigating the menu screen.

Motion Recognition: The software for motion recognition is quite unreliable in the EA Sports Active 2. It is unable to detect certain body movements, especially during floor exercises. The problem can be partially remedied by staying far back from the sensor while working out and waiting patiently without moving until the activity loads, but the limitations are still disappointing. The problem lies with the game and not the Kinect, since other fitness game titles work fine and do not present these software issues.

Is EA Sports Active 2 Worth Buying?

There are many options available to go with the Kinect, and it can be confusing to choose one that suits you. However, it is relatively easy to decide whether EA Sports Active 2 is the one you should get or not. The exercise title isn’t ideal for you if you cannot deal with the unpredictable motion recognition software. Navigating the menu and handling the oddities also requires patience, In addition to that, you also need at least ten feet of space for it to work smoothly or the sensor will have problem tracking your body movements.

If all these glitches were to be removed, EA Sports Active 2 would be one of the best titles for fitness and exercise. When it works properly, it has loads of exercises to offer and easily tops other exercise titles. If you purchase this as it is, you will need to patiently learn to get around the quirks to obtain the best results from the workouts.

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