Crazy Fit Pro Massage Machine Review

Crazy Fit Pro Massage Machine Review

Whole body full vibration pro massage machine platform from Crazy Fit is the most innovative tool out there for those who want to work out in dozens of different ways and want to focus almost every part of their body. This machine uses the vibration as the main basis of all exercises and all the exercises that you might have known until now they will be modified when you are doing the same exercises on this machine.

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Crazy Fit Pro Massage Machine Review

Key Features: This machine has been considered excellent for all types of users: home users, professionals at the gym and in offices. It has a tall vertical height and uses an anti-jamming plate where you rest your feet or body. This is the plate that vibrates to produce that exercising effect in the body. Since the plate has been textured, your hand, foot and body will not slip on it. The machine acts as an exerciser as well as a massager. The vibration is produced with a high RPM motor in the machine.

The machine has the LED panel right in front to give details about your workout and other functions. The base of the machine has small feet that are covered with rubber so wherever you place the machine it will not mark your floor and damage it. The feet are also anti-slip so you can do the exercise with the peace of mind. The machine comes ready to use for the users so they don’t have to spend time in assembling it.

The body is made of steel for unbreakable sturdiness and a glossy finish makes it a very stylish machine that speaks your style of workout. The maximum capacity that machine can hold is 265 pounds. A 1.5HP power motor is making this machine vibrate and even though it has a very compact size of just 48 x 28 x 29 inches, where 48 is the height, it is big enough to accommodate anyone in it for easy exercising routines even if you must sit on the vibrating plate.

There is a speed range of 20 levels and the weight of the product is 8.4 pounds. The weight of the machine is probably the only drawback of this unit because it doesn’t have any transporting wheels. It is a machine that is meant to focus on exercising so you won’t find any fancy additions such as mp3 plug in options etc. For its feature rich design and durability it gets a rating of 5 out of 5 on Amazon.

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