Crazy Fit Go Plus 2013 Review

Crazy Fit Go Plus 2013 Review

Go Plus 2013 from Crazy Fit is another exercising and massaging machine that takes you into the revolutionized and all-new zone of exercising. This is probably the only machine that exercises with you as you exercise with it. It vibrates and helps enhancing the effects of all those exercises that you normally do in addition to many other exercises that you can only do on this machine and no other elliptical or exercising bike.

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Crazy Fit Go Plus 2013 Review

Key Features: This machine uses a power of 1000 watts and works to make your pelvic region and lower body strong along with exercises that improve your blood circulation in the body. This powerful machine offers you a huge speed range of 99 levels so you can take your exercising routine to the most challenging levels. For those who never like to stick to the same program and routine they can always go for the preset programs – there are 3 of them. The display screens are there to display your workout’s progress.

The plate is made from steel to make it strong and sturdy for years of use. Side railings have cushions on them so keep your workout comfortable. There are two sensors on the railings to measure your body fat percentage. The machine can take up to a weight of 330 pounds – this is more than the other similar machines from Crazy Fit. The machine also has current overload protection so in case of any power failures or fluctuations you won’t be sitting worried and distressed for an out of order machine.

The foot cushions on the machine are adjustable. The basic functions visible on the window screens include the time, body and programs that you are currently using. The weight of this machine is nearly 93 pounds so you can consider it among the heavy ones. The height of the machine can also be adjusted with the retractable feet.

This machine has been designed not only to do exercises and various workouts but for body massage as well. The machine is known for being useful in improving blood circulation, stimulating digestion and melting the body fat. The package comes with the machine, a manual, a power line and a tool kit put the body parts together. It is a great purchase for its innovative exercise routines and feature rich design.

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