Concept2 D Rower – Comprehensive Review

Concept 2D Rower - Comprehensive ReviewWe often find some people having great passion for Regatta rowing. This passion can surely be fulfilled easily with the help of Concept2 D. We don’t often row competitively. We usually row at home or either goes to the gym for out fitness purposes. That’s a good option as well, because rowing is one of the easiest and best ways to maintain fitness.

What makes it even more interesting to know is that among the entire Regatta rowing crews, Concept2 model D is considered to be the best equipment among all. Concept2 training is experimented in crew boathouses to ensure that it will give the real rowing experience. This equipment is well built and simulate amazingly because they all can be linked together to provide a teamwork training experience.

Concept2 model D fits best on the industry standards, because the manufacturer knows well about rowing. Don’t be worried if you are not a part of the crew, because you can also own a Concept2 model D rowing machine to have an excellent rowing experience for your indoor purpose. This will surely give you the desired workout just like the way you always wanted.

Another interesting feature is that Concept2 training experience can get customized easily according to your fitness level. It provides you an easy joints, exercise along with the low impact workout to burn your calories and fat effectively. It really doesn’t matter if you’re not an experienced rower, because Concept2 model D is just as easy as any other high quality indoor rowing machine.

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1. Key Product Technical Specifications
2. Extra Features
3. Tools & Accessories
4. Assembly
5. Comparison
6. Customer Reviews
7. Where to Buy
8. Dimension
9. Warranty
10. Pros & Cons
11. Conclusion
12.  Concept 2D Rower FAQ



Key Product Technical Specifications

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A product specification sure plays an important role to identify different aspects of any product. So, you don’t need to think much about Concept2 Model D while comparing it with other rowers. These specifications tell you about the ins and outs of the product and also that how well it works. This will guide you more about its high quality and performance as specified.

We all look for comfort while going for any kind of exercise equipment. If your rower is not comfortable, then you might not consider rowing over it. The Concept2 Model D includes the ergonomic handle, which provides easy movement of hands and arms with the natural positioning of your body. The seat is also quite comfortable as it moves forward and back flawlessly on aluminum capped stainless steel track to ensure strong and smooth leg movements.

Concept2 Model D features a flywheel to give quiet and smooth movement. This will not only help you to concentrate on rowing, but will also help avoiding annoying squeaks. The additional PM3 performance monitor helps to track your progress and program your workouts just like the way you want. You can also find an animated rower that teaches you some proper techniques. The monitor is also quite easy to operate with its intuitive menu system.

Size is always a big query while going for any rowing machine. For proper operation, the rower needs to be at least nine feet by four feet. It offers five year frame warranty and two year warranty on moving parts. You can also break it down for storage or transportation purpose easily.


Extra Features

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You can also facilitate the success of your workouts with the help of Concept2 software. You may find several options on your Performance Monitor to provide you motivation, progress report and additional training. These software packages do play an important role to help you move ahead with your fitness goals.

Some of these great software’s of Concept2 PM include Venue Racing, Concept2 Watt Challenge, and the Netathlon.

Netathlon basically offers you a 3D experience in the virtual world. This also offers virtual opponents, race with others online, or even with yourself from your past records. It also helps you to analyze your workouts.

When it comes to comparing your own scores with the contestants of the Biggest Loser, then The Concept2 Watt Challenge comes in. It also helps you to set your own challenges.

All you need is to upload and install the software, but don’t forget to keep the watt meter in the green zone while working out.

Venue Racing is great software which creates a link with other indoor rowers via PM4 or PM3 Performance Monitor. You can easily link via USB. Venue Racing provides you an experience to get in to the action while having a great workout as well.

The motivation will almost be on your side, because with the help of Concept2 D machine, you can always track your progress and performance to get the most out of your rowing session.

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Tools & Accessories

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a) Concept2D PM3 Monitor

Concept2 PM3
Concept2D PM3 Monitor

The Concept2 PM3 Performance Monitor helps you to reach your fitness goals. The Concept2 PM3 Performance Monitor comes along with your new Concept 2D rowing machine that allows you to track and develop your personal fitness plan.

The Concept2 PM3 tracks the speed, pace, distance, calories and watts. It also shows you the collected data through its several wonderful options. That includes the option to view your data in a bar chart, or even in huge print. The monitor is so simple to use, because it provides you a simple menus that leads you towards each step.

Some other added features that are included in PM3 also add great value to it. As soon as you start your workout, you can easily avail these features. This also includes the option to save your favorite workouts and access of preset workouts. Not only that, it also includes the trials against your previous workouts, option of choosing from multiple languages and animated rower option to guide you proper techniques.

If you have an optional Polar receiver then you can also avail the facility of integrated heart rate monitor. Transfer of collected data through USB interface makes it even handier to use.

We all know how important it is to monitor our progress. The Concept2 PM3 offers a great deal to make it easy for you to stay informed and motivated with every new workout. It won’t be wrong to call PM3 a perfect coach, a log and a learning tool for everyone.

b) Concept2D PM4 Monitor

As described before about the great features of PM3 monitor, it would be even more interesting to know about the Concept2 PM4 monitor. It is a standard feature of the Concept2 Model E Rower. It is also available as an option on the latest version of model D. It can also retrofit to the older versions like model D, C, B or A.

So what makes PM4 special? What we all know is that both the PM4 and PM3 work similarly. Both of them allows you to monitor your workouts, check in your progress and save the data without any hassles. You can also save or upload the data to your PC. But, one thing that makes a difference is that PM4 has its own built in feature to monitor your heart rate. When it comes to PM3, you need to buy an optional accessory kit for that purpose.

Another great feature of PM4 monitor includes the capability to communicate wirelessly with the other Concept2 rower in the same room. This helps you while racing workouts.

PM4 also comes along with its own rechargeable battery pack. During the workout, the motion of the flywheel automatically recharges the battery. Along with that it works as simply as PM3 monitor.

c) Concept2D Calculators

One of the most important things while doing workout is to stay motivated. Concept2 calculator is designed to help you to plan your progress and gather all the information necessary to uplift your motivation.

This amazing feature of calculator can be accessed online. These are actually four different calculators that help you to cater all your fitness needs and achieve your goals. Pace Calculator is the first Concept2 calculator. This helps you determine the distance, cumulative time and 500m split. This is a great tool in terms of identifying your intensity of workout and the increase in speed.

Another calculator that adds value to Concept2 model D rowing machine is the VO2max Estimator. This is a great tool to predict your capacity for aerobic work and potential in endurance. It caters with the cardio-respiratory fitness which declines slightly every year after the age of 50. The VO2max Estimator helps to prevent this decline.

Couches usually use The Weight Adjustment Calculator to estimate the power potential of rowers. It is a great tool if you are a competitive rower. This will help you to determine your potential capacity of exerting power.

Another feature includes the final Concept2 online calculator. This tool is used to estimate the actual amount of burned calories while doing workout. This is a valuable addition especially for those who want to lose their weight.

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You might be considering over Concept2 D model rowing machine, but its assembly might still be a question in your mind. So don’t worry, it is also quite easy to assemble.

It’s not important even if you haven’t thought about it. All what is needed to know is that it is a large piece of equipment. But will it take time and effort to put together all the parts? The answer is NO. You can easily assemble Concept2 D within half an hour without any hassles.

All you need to do is to set the front legs and fix eight screws on it. All the guidance is available in step by step instructions. After placing the legs on the machine, you just need to attach the monorail end at the flywheel end of the machine. You can easily find all the “how to do” instructions along with the simple procedure.

Many reviewers of Concept2 D rowing machine rave about its simple assembly that also reflects its quality image.

If you already have one Concept2 and you’re considering over its sale, then nothing to worry about because you can easily take it apart within half an hour. After all, fitness in less time is all what you want.

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The Concept2 D Outsells and Outranks the Model E – The Concept2 Model D Versus Model E Comparison

While searching for the best available rowing machines, you must have definitely come across Concept2. This is the brand that tops the rank when it comes to best. The difficulty might come in while making a choice between the models D or model E.

The noticeable difference between both the brands is that the model E is more advanced than model D. Model E do not only caters all the basic problems, but also offers advanced mobility and balance features.

Let’s discuss the monitors, the model D monitor arm is a little longer that the model D and is also fixed. The chains also differ, because the chains for Concept2 D rower and others are sturdy, but model E comes along with the nickel plated chain, while model D has standard steel chain.

Model E comes along with an extra shroud that covers the back of flywheel. There is no difference in warranty and maintenance of both models. When it comes to reliability, then both the models are durable and safe. Looks wise they both differ, because model E has a glossy finish, while model D comes in a matte finish on its metal parts.

Are you considering over for sale of any of these model and is confused to pick choose from? Then all you need to know about is that both these heavy duty models are designed to last long. These two models are intended for use in gyms or training rooms, so you won’t get disappointed either by going this way or that way.

A More Detailed Comparison of the Concept2 D and E Models – Which of Concept2 Indoor Rowers Will Be the Right Fit for You?

While comparing Concept2 models, there are some significant differences that are noticeable. Though each of these models suits your fitness capability to achieve goals, but you must opt for any of these with detailed consideration.

The most important aspect when it comes to picking your favorite model is the ease of use. It’s quite obvious, because if you don’t feel comfortable while using then you sure won’t go for it. The ability to get on the machine and easily get off does make a huge difference.

You must opt for model E if you need to face challenges regarding balance and mobility. This is because this model sits up higher, and the seat is almost on the same level of the regular seat. But, if you are flexible and active, then you can easily go for model D.

Reliability is another aspect that really makes a huge difference. Personal preferences and warranty also play a great role for a right pick. What makes it interesting to know is that the Concept2 models of indoor rowing machines come with an excellent warranty. Both the models are heavy duty and last long. So what is left is just the personal preference. Which one will you go for then?

Concept2 D Has Close Competitor – the Concept2 Model E – Concept2 Rowing Machines Are the Only Ones Buyers Cared to Rate on Amazon

Another interesting fact is that Concept2 rowing machines are the only ones which are being sold on Amazon and has been rated by its users.

The reason why is a good question indeed. People only rate those things that they love, and if they have invested their money in some product then they will only leave good comments if they loved it. You might be happy to know that many happy buyers took their time to go on Amazon and rate the Concept2 rowing machines. They have given them a high remark that proves the credibility of these rowing machines. They are sure worth spending money for. That’s the reason that they don’t have any one bad or even average rating.

When you compare this feedback with other rowing machines like the Indo-Row Home 130 Indoor Rowing Machine, BKettler Folding Ergo Coach LS Rowing Machine, or the My Rower Indoor Rowing Machine, then you would not find any review on any of these machines.

The reason might be because people are now aware of the great capabilities of Concept2 rowing machines, or they might be so much disappointed with these traditional machines that they don’t care about to comment.

Either way, the fact that both the Concept2 Model D and the Concept2 Model E (shown here) machines have plenty of rave reviews and no bad ones says a lot, both about Concept2, and those other rowers.

Whatever the reason might be, the Concept2 Model E and the Concept2 Model D machines do have plenty of positive reviews and no bad review. That surely makes a huge difference while comparing Concept2 with other rowers.

To know more about the comparison between model D & model E, read here.

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Customer Reviews

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We all look for the reviews of any product we purchase. Especially when it comes to something essential as rowing machine, you must overlook the reviews of the product first. The Concept2 Model D Rower has some great reviews on Amazon written by real users of the product. These reviews will sure help you a lot to make better decision.

If you are going to buy Concept2 D, then you must be happy to know that it contains a 5 star status that is almost impossible for other products.

Users of Concept2 Model D Rower had given great response over it. One of them said “In more than 30 years of different exercise and sports this is hands down the best piece of indoor training equipment I have found”, another reviewer said “The Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine is the universal standard for quality rowing machines,” Not only that, they also claimed it to be a complete machine giving full body workout.

That’s not what we are just claiming, but you can also check these reviews yourself. The easy to use and assemble capability has gathered high remarks for this machine. Its reliability and simplicity comes along with great quality as well. The maintenance is low and it comes along with warranty. This offers 5 years frame warranty and 2 years warranty for its parts. No one can deny the effectiveness of this great indoor rowing machine.


“Just received this today 8/1/2014. I love it . It’s the same one I used to use at the gym. Great packaging , super easy to put it together ,very quite , very smooth . So glad I decided to spend money on this !!!!…(read more here: Concept 2D Rower Review)”

“It’s very simple to assemble. Such a great workout. I am a cyclist and my Girlfriend and I just had a Baby a few months ago. I realized quickly I wasn’t going to be able to ride nearly as much…(read more here: Concept 2D Rower Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.9/5.0


Where to Buy

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If you’re looking for a complete fitness machine, then Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine is all what you need. After all, rowing comes in one of the best fitness exercises, and why not? It works over 80% of your muscle groups. Not only that, it helps to reduce fat and burn calories. Fortunately, people of all ages can get involved in this great exercise to attain perfect body shape and fitness level.

If you have decided to go for a Concept2 rower, then what are you waiting for? All you need is to shop online to grab it directly on your doorstep. This makes it even more convenient to buy. And if you are still in search of rowers of different prices then you are just wasting your time, energy and gas. Online shopping is all what you need to grab it easily by saving time for other important activities. You can have you new rower online within no time.

This is the time you must get ready to add a new excellent rower in your collection. Grab your Concept 2 Model D rowing machine and have it straight delivered to your home. This machine gives you a smooth and low impact workout that also reduces the stress. Especially when you’re getting it directly delivered to your home, then forget about the stress to go to any shopping place.

This site offers you the specifications and the details about this indoor rowing machine. You’ll also learn how to take full advantage of your workouts. All you need is to gather all the information attentively.

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Concept2 D Storage
Storage: 25 in x 33 in x 54 in

– Overall Length: 96 in
– Width: 24 in
– Seat Height: 14 in
– Machine Weight: 57 lb
– Monorail Length: 54 in
– Assembled: 8 ft x 2 ft
– With Clearance for Use: 9 ft x 4 ft
– Storage: 25 in x 33 in x 54 in



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5-year frame warranty


Pros & Cons

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Concept 2D Rower prosPros:

– Perfect fit for home users
– Storage is no hassle at all
– Easy to assemble
– It’s solidly built and is graded for commercial use
– Requires a minimal amount of maintenance
– High resale value

Concept 2D Rower consCons:

– A lot of space is required (approximately 9 feet long x 4 feet wide) to use this rower
– Fan get louder the harder/ faster your row
– Seat gets harder after years of use

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Obviously, it’s hard to put in words to describe why you should go for the Concept2 model D. But, I’ll try my best to be perspective and brief enough to make you understand.

Let me start with the value. The Concept2 D offers more than the money you pay for it. Here “more” do not specify the quality only, but it also signifies the great extra features of this great piece of equipment.

Beside value, the Concept2 D rowing machine brings you something that other competitors just dream of. Some of its unique features are not even available in any other rower. This rower is so professionally used, that athletes participating in the Regatta use this machine. This claim can not be done by any other rower manufacturer.

Support: when it comes to Concept2, then reliability speaks itself. Each Concept2 rower comes along with its 5 year warranty on the frame and 2 years warranty on its moving parts. It also comes along with the 30 days money back guarantee. Low maintenance and real customer support also add great value to this machine. These customer support representatives have their setup in the factories where these machines are built. So, you can easily have personal assistance from the trained and experienced officials.

Another amazing fact is that, the Concept2 has been there for three decades. It was founded by the competitive rowers who used their knowledge and experience to develop these great pieces of fitness equipment.

Therefore, if you want to get the best, then Concept2 D rowing machine is all what you need.

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Concept 2D Rower FAQ

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1.) What’s the Best Rowing Machine on the Market?

After gathering the online reviews, that play an important role to rate anything the manufacturer called Concept2 makes the finest indoor rowing machines. In fact, many of the Regatta crews all around the globe get trained with this brand. These Concept2 rowing machines can be found in the gyms all around the world.

2.) Which is better – the Model D or Model E Concept2 indoor rowing machine?

It’s obvious that Model E must have something more to offer that its counterpart Model D. But still it takes lead with fewer margins than its cheaper counterpart. With the rating of full five star of Model D from over 50 consumers, the model E indoor rowing machine takes a lead with cheaper price.

3.) How easy is it to assemble the Concept2 D indoor rowing machine?

This is the question we all think at least once before buying. Some of the consumer reviews have expressed that how easy and quick it is to assemble the Concept2 D indoor rowing machine. It only takes under 30 minutes to complete this task.

Check current pricing discounts:

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