Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes can be a really effective bodyweight exercise to give you a complete body strengthening workout.

There are some bodyweight exercises that only target a specific muscle group in one repetition and you have to move on to another exercise to target another muscle group. This takes up time and isn’t the most efficient way to work your whole body.

Exercises using climbing ropes have a variety of benefits. In addition to strength and muscle building, you also improve flexibility and agility.

Climbing rope exercises can involve several different movements that enable you to target the muscles in your upper body as well as your lower body. Your moves can include lifts, pushing and pulling exercises to work your biceps, triceps and leg muscles.

This will also simultaneously work the abdominal and back muscles. If you are experienced in weight training, you can even wear a weight vest to add extra resistance to your rope climbing workouts.

Regular workouts with climbing ropes can help you quickly build strength and endurance in your upper body. There are various climbing ropes available and you should find out the working load specifications of each rope before you decide which one to buy.

You can learn how strong a rope is from its specifications, provided it is new and there are no breaks in the rope. Used ropes have worn out sheaths and core components and can become slippery.

The Sterling Rope Evolution Duetto Dry Rope is one tough yet lightweight climbing rope that you can use indoors and outside. It is highly durable and can be used for rock climbing as well as in bad weather. It can withstand the pulling and scratching against rocks.

Working out with ropes won’t even cost you much and it is a really inexpensive way to get fit. Even a utility rope such as the Rothco General Purpose Utility Rope can be effective for indoor and outdoor rope climbing activities.

The length of this rope is 100 feet. It is perfectly suitable for workouts since it can bear 1,200 pounds of pressure on each square inch.

Another great rope for resistance training is the Sterling Rope Fusion Nano Dry Rope. It features DryCore and Dry Sheath, and is also lightweight.

This rope is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience of rope climbing workouts. After using your rope, it is recommended to check it for abrasions before your next workout.

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