Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit Review

Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit Review

Many health benefits can be achieved by performing yoga and Pilates, and each type of exercise has something to offer that complements the other. Each can have positive effects on your mind and body, but if both are combined you can get even more out of your workout. Chalene Johnson's PiYo Base Kit does exactly that in her fitness, exercise and nutrition guide DVD. Find out more about what it has to offer.

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Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit Review

Key Features:
* 3 DVDs offer 10 separate workouts
* Smart eating plan included
* Circuit training speed cranks up the fat burning
* Yoga videos improve your flexibility and strength
* Offers core strengthening and muscle sculpting through Pilates

What Makes Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit a Smart Buy?

Although Yoga and Pilates are both great ways to keep fit, they lack one factor. These exercises cannot increase your heart rate and hold it there because they aren’t aerobic forms of workout. Chalene Johnson makes up for this in her PiYo Base Kit.

The 10 workouts featured on 3 DVDs are extremely effective for burning fat, and provide benefits of yoga and Pilates such as core firming, improved agility and strength so that you can build a strong and flexible body.

It includes some bonus features which set it apart from typical home workout programs and DVDs. You can immediately start working out with the quick start guide and keep tabs on your fitness plan with the included workout calendar. The kit even comes with a tape measure for keeping track of your progress.

Both men and women find yoga and Pilates an attractive form of exercise because it is low-impact and does not strain the joints as much as high intensity workouts, but want an exercise regimen that burns more fat with aerobic movements. This Base Kit brings the best of both worlds together with the inclusion of fat burning moves to Pilates and yoga.

The PiYo Base Kit was created by Chalene Johnson to allow you to get your body in the best shape without having to “jump, grunt, strain and punish” yourself. This DVD kit is ideal for beginners as well as individuals already practicing Pilates and Yoga who want to maximize health benefits with fat burning, muscle toning and core tightening for physical fitness.

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