Crazy Fit Go Plus 2013 Review

Crazy Fit Go Plus 2013 uses a power of 1000 watts and works to make your pelvic region and lower body strong along with exercises that improve your blood circulation in the body. This powerful machine offers you a huge speed range of 99 levels so you can take your exercising routine to the most challenging levels. For those who never like to stick to the same program and routine they can always go for the preset programs – there are 3 of them. The display screens are there to display your workout’s progress.

Crazy Fit Pro Massage Machine Review

Crazy Fit Pro Massage machine has been considered excellent for all types of users: home users, professionals at the gym and in offices. It has a tall vertical height and uses an anti-jamming plate where you rest your feet or body. This is the plate that vibrates to produce that exercising effect in the body. Since the plate has been textured, your hand, foot and body will not slip on it. The machine acts as an exerciser as well as a massager. The vibration is produced with a high RPM motor in the machine.