The Best Sports Console Games For Fitness

There are two kinds of sports gaming. One is where you use a standard controller to play games such as football or car racing. The second kind is the use of your body movements to play sports games through a motion controller, and this form of motion controlled gaming is becoming increasingly popular these days. It has also promoted the idea of fitness gaming, so take a look at two different sports games for consoles that are designed to encourage physical fitness.

PlayStation 3 Move Bundle Review

The PlayStation 3 Move Bundle is the result of several upgrades to the PlayStation 3 over the years since its release. The bundle consists of a PS3 slim full HD console, capable of playing Blu-Ray movies with 1080p resolution and 128-bit pixel clarity. It has built-in Wi-Fi to enable free access to the online PlayStation Network.

EA Sports Active 2 Review

Several games are available for the Xbox Kinect, but what sets EA Sports Active 2 apart is the range of activity that is possible with this game. It includes a heart rate monitor and workouts can be customized according to your individual needs.