LiveStrong LS9.9IC-2 Review

LiveStrong LS9.9IC-2 indoor cycle is a combination of class, style and functionality. This indoor bike with its unique black and yellow color contrast and smooth ride has become a great value for the money for many customers. It provides a convenient and smooth cardiovascular exercise and is known by customers to be one of the quietest bikes they have tried.

Horizon Fitness RC30 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Horizon Fitness RC-30 is a recumbent bike designed especially for those who are not much in favor of high-impact workouts to avoid muscle pulls and problems with joints. It lets you relax in a very comfortable seat and allows you to pedal a 10-pound heavy flywheel for a smooth and quiet workout that you have always desired for. Change your resistance among 8 levels to make the exercise as challenging as you want to. The machine has been designed ideally for weights up to 275 pounds.