Precor 221 Elliptical Review

As you start searching for elliptical trainers in the market or online, make sure you give Precor 221 a good look because this one is going to impress you. Full of amazing features and providing a smooth workout experience, this high-tech elliptical stands as one of the best elliptical machines today.

Precor EFX 536i Elliptical Review

Precor EFX 536i is the elliptical that has been designed and manufactured to fit the commercial environment. This elliptical is different from other elliptical machines in that it offers some great patented technologies and features that make cardio training convenient.

Precor EFX 833 Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer Review

Precor EFX 833 Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer is the true modern approach towards exercising. This solid equipment that uses the adjustable CrossRamp technology is a perfect way to exercise in the gym or at home. The foot-holders move in an elliptical path so your lower region moves and gets strong as you regularly exercise on this machine. Furthermore, you can change the size of your elliptical path by reducing or increasing the height of your path.