Carepeutic KH519 BetaFlex Portable Dual Exercise Bike Review

Carepeutic KH519 BetaFlex Portable Dual Exercise Bike Review

Some people are always on the move and their busy schedules won’t allow them to spend time on a treadmill or exercise bike and focus on their fitness. Busy businessmen, executives and many other professionals live lives in which they can’t find enough time to keep their body in shape. That’s when exercise equipment like Carepeutic KH519 BetaFlex portable dual exercise bike comes in handy. The portability of this exercise bike is just one of the many advantages it has.

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Carepeutic KH519 BetaFlex Portable Dual Exercise Bike Review

Key Features: The solid tubing this bike is made of makes it a strong contender and you can continue to use it for years with no worries. The feet made of synthetic material attached to its base give it a strong grip on the ground so you can exercise without having to worry about adjusting the position of the bike again and again. The pedals have straps on them but they can’t be adjusted. The middle part where pedals, tension controller and console are assembled is made of synthetic material too.

The size of the pedals is quite big so any feet sizes can be easily adjusted under the straps. There is an LCD attached to the middle section of the exercise bike. This is a monochrome LCD just like you find on a calculator but gives you all the useful readouts to know about your ongoing workout session. A big red button on the display allows you to change the settings and move among options. The tension controlling knob is located just above the display. This allows you to make your exercises more physically challenging.

This exercise bike already has a very small footprint on the ground. The weight and size of the bike allow users to use it almost in any location. Whether you are seated on your couch watching TV or having coffee on your favorite chair, you can use it easily. In addition to that, it even folds to become smaller. This allows users to keep it in their bags and carry it with them wherever they go.

This Carepeutic KH519 BetaFlex portable exercise bike is a perfect item for people with busy schedules and those who are on the move most of the time. It can also be a great New Year or another occasional gift for people who you think might find it suitable for meeting their fitness goals. One thing that makes this bike different from others is that the tension on this bike is stepless so you can control and keep the resistance at exactly your desired levels.

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