Can You Get A Good Workout in 30 Minutes?

It is possible, provided you spend that time exercising smartly. Each minute of your workout needs to be planned so that it is effectively spent. Both resistance training and cardio should be a part of your training session.

Begin your lower body warm up before reaching the gym by jogging a mile. Take 5 minutes to stretch all the other muscle groups in your body such as arms, shoulders and chest.

Over the next 10 minutes, allocate a minute each for the following types of exercises:
• Lunges
• Bicep and leg curls
• Bench and military presses
• Squats
• Bent over rows
• Leg Extensions
• Overhead dumbbell extensions

In between each exercise, take a rest of 10 to 15 seconds. After performing all the exercises, do another set of them again.

Whether you are working out to burn fat, improve muscle endurance, build muscle bulk and strength or just for general fitness, you will need to decide on the number of repetitions accordingly. Your goal could require 4-6, 12-15 or 20-25 repetitions.

The next step is to focus on working the core of your body. The exercises below also need to be done for a minute each, giving yourself 15 seconds for rest before starting the next one.

Oblique crunches


Static planks

Leg raises

A few seconds of rest once you’re done should be followed by another round of slow jogging to cool down.

With this thorough workout, you will have exercised your core and upper and lower body muscles in just 30 minutes.

This workout regimen should be followed 3 days a week for weight loss and getting fit. Focus on cardio training for the other 3 days, and take one day off to give your muscles some rest to allow for repair and growth.

If you continue with this training schedule regularly, you will see yourself nearing your fitness goals which could be weight loss, improving strength and endurance, or simply keeping your body in shape.

For any workout plan to be effective, though, you have to pay equal attention to your diet. Your fitness goals can only be accomplished if exercise is complemented with healthy eating. While exercise makes up 20% of your fitness, nutrition comprises 80% of it, so this aspect cannot be ignored if you want to get fit. Both exercise and good nutrition have to go hand in hand.

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