Breathless Body 3: HIIT It Big Workout DVD Review

HIIT It Big Workout DVD Review

The world famous fitness trainer Amy Dixon created the Breathless Body 3: HIIT It Big home workout DVD, and it is getting popular with fitness junkies all around the globe.

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HIIT It Big Workout DVD Review

A workout plan designed by celebrity trainer Amy Dixon is bound to have authenticity, since her achievements as a fitness instructor are well known. She has a Bachelor of Science diploma in physiology and holds many fitness certifications.

How It Works?

There are 8 bodyweight exercises included in the Breathless Body 3 HIIT program which will get your fat burning. These include Lunge Pops, Scorpion Fly, Boxer Split, Mogul Burpee, Knee Slam, Squat Bound Pistol and Plan Tuck Jack.

These exercises are followed by a workout for the abs; the Core Blast.

The whole workout is concluded with some stretching moves to help with balance and refresh your mind and body.

The exercises are quite intense in this DVD, but there are also modifications included in the program for beginners or people who are not used to working out. The modified moves are demonstrated in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

What’s Included:
• Breathless Body 3: HIIT It Big DVD
• Several HIIT and Tabata-inspired exercises to give your body an intense workout.
• A 4-minute metabolic boost.
• Core blast exercise for strong and tight abdominal muscles.
• A relaxing stretch.

• Workout led by the charming and motivating Amy.
• Save on gym membership and fitness equipment costs.
• Easy to understand instructions and modified moves to cater to all fitness levels.
• No equipment needed; all exercises are performed with just your own body.
• Great and effective workout for quick weight loss owing to the tough and intense exercises.
• Advanced fitness enthusiasts will also find the Breathless Body 3 sufficiently challenging.
• HIIT methods will keep your calories burning for 24 hours or more after the workout is done.
• More effective, fun and fast paced than an hour spent on the tedious treadmill.

• Some users or beginners may find the exercises too challenging and intense, but the modifications are included to make things easier.
• There is no printed schedule to go with the DVD.

What Customers Say?

Previous users of the workout DVD have given it a really high rating on Amazon of 4.7 out of 5 stars (scroll down to check the current rating and customer reviews), along with loads of positive feedback and reviews. The reason is clearly the effective combination of an excellent trainer and great energetic exercises.

Users have stated that it is a fun and challenging program that has been very effective for weight loss and shaping up. Some also think it is one of Amy’s best workout regimens.

The intensity of the exercises is acknowledged by fitness enthusiasts who also like the extra challenge that the Tabata exercises present.

Final Thoughts

The Breathless Body 3: HIIT It Big provides a high energy workout that will get your heart pumping and will boost your metabolism. With this DVD you can burn fat and build cardiovascular strength faster than with other methods.
The intense nature of this HIIT and Tabata workout will surely improve your health and fitness level and will transform your body.

An added incentive is the fact that you can save lots of money with this DVD which you would otherwise have to spend on gym memberships. These workouts do not even require any spending on fitness equipment such as dumbbells etc. You will surely enjoy working out with Amy as your trainer.

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