The Best Zumba Fitness Games Compared

A fun workout that has lately gained immense popularity is the Latin Zumba dance workout. It is an enjoyable and exciting way for both men and women to work their entire body and get fit.

The huge success of this fitness plan led to the production and release of Zumba fitness games for gaming consoles, so that you can bring all the fun and fitness into your own home. Here is a comparison between the three top Zumba games available in the market these days.

Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness ReviewThe first and bestselling game for consoles is Zumba Fitness. There are different modes to choose from in the game, such as Zumba class mode and learn-the-moves mode. The game also tracks your progress in these modes so that you can monitor your achievements and improvements in performance.

The game provides a platform to get you moving just like you would in an actual Zumba dance class. Zumba Fitness also keeps you motivated to get active and perform properly, because if you don’t you will get bad scores! If you want to get high scores, you will have to get your body moving to the great selection of Latin songs included in the game.

If good graphics are a mandatory requirement for you, however, you will find this game a disappointment in the graphics area. Compared with the high standard most games have these days, Zumba Fitness has graphics that are less than basic.

The game also has another downside, which is unsuitability for beginners. It may seem too tough and the tutorials are not enough to learn the moves properly. You can eventually teach yourself the dance steps if you persevere, but some basics to get you started would have been a good addition.

Zumba Fitness is an enjoyable and healthy game for people who have done Zumba before. There are better alternatives for beginners.

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Zumba Fitness 2

Zumba Fitness 2 ReviewThe original Zumba Fitness game is still in demand, while the second version is also a success. It is an update that improves upon the problems reported in the first game and offers generally improved gameplay.

There are four main modes included in this title, consisting of Learn The Steps, Zumba Class, Single Song and Zumba Party. Learn the Steps is designed to guide beginners through some basic Zumba steps. Zumba Class offers a certain track list for a proper Zumba session. Single Song lets you set one track of your choice to dance to as long as you like, while Zumba Party is a dance session for two partners.

Zumba Fitness 2 is a great improvement on the original and also more effective in getting fit, as you will be burning calories and sweating with the moves. The dance steps are easier to learn in this version because unlike the old version, a 3D dance instructor is included to guide you through all the moves.

There is a larger selection of songs available in this game’s track list, and even though most of them may seem unfamiliar, the music is all meant to complement your Zumba workout with a Latin touch. This gives it an air of authenticity and motivates you to perform just like you would in a real Zumba class.

A downside of this game is the annoying presence of bright and flashy effects which may be unsuitable for epilepsy patients. It also doesn’t include a timer to keep track of the length of your workout and how much is left. This was also a problem in the first game.

On the whole though, Zumba Fitness 2 features a whole lot better gameplay and accommodates beginners and experienced Zumba dancers alike. It improves and expands upon the original Zumba Fitness game.

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Zumba Rush

Zumba Rush ReviewsAlthough the creators of Zumba Rush are the same people who produced the Zumba Fitness titles, this game aims to further improve and add more content to the game.

The first innovation in this Zumba game is feedback on your performance and which areas need improvement. Since the Xbox Kinect can sense all body movements, Zumba Rush is able to detect the parts of your body that are moving in the right way. It identifies any missed move and part in red, and you can use the feedback to practice and improve weak areas.

Zumba Rush also enables you to make a playlist of your choice. A larger selection of songs is available compared to the other games, from which you can add up to 12 titles to compose your customized playlist. Dancing to songs of your choice and according to your taste will also add to your motivation.

Of all the Zumba games, Zumba Rush stands out as an engaging and enjoyable way to work out. You are sure to break a sweat when you exercise with the game’s bright lights, scoring system and exciting backgrounds keeping you motivated. As you have loads of fun, you will simultaneously burn calories, get your heart rate up and tone your muscles.

A couple of the downsides of Zumba Rush are the same as with the Zumba Fitness titles. There are bright flashing lights and no timer to track the duration of your exercise.

Otherwise Zumba Rush is a great dance game that tracks your moves properly and provides both exercise and entertainment.

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These are the three bestselling Zumba games at the top of the market these days and each is worth buying. Although beginners will benefit more from Zumba Fitness 2 and Zumba Rush, all three are effective in delivering a thorough workout coupled with loads of dancing fun.

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