The Best Sports Console Games For Fitness

There are two kinds of sports gaming. One is where you use a standard controller to play games such as football or car racing. The second kind is the use of your body movements to play sports games through a motion controller, and this form of motion controlled gaming is becoming increasingly popular these days. It has also promoted the idea of fitness gaming, so take a look at two different sports games for consoles that are designed to encourage physical fitness.

Wii Sports Resort:

Best Wii Sports Resort Reviews Motion controlled gameplay and home fitness were first introduced with the Wii gaming console and the concept quickly gained popularity. Wii Sports has been a part of the console right from the start and has become something of a classic. However, it needed to be updated since it has been several years since its release.

Now that Nintendo has finally made some upgrades, a wider range of games are available in the new Wii Sports Resort compared to the old version of Wii Sports. There are now 12 game titles included instead of just 5, which consist of basketball, table tennis, wake-boarding, swordplay, Frisbee, archery, cycling, air sports, canoeing, bowling, power cruising and golf.

Although these games are great for getting you moving and actively having fun, they do not necessarily get you a proper workout. The amount of exercise you get depends on the nature of the sports game you play. Golf and bowling do not require much movement other than swinging your arms, for instance. Others will get you sweating if you play hard enough. You may not find Wii Sports satisfactory for getting a complete body workout or intense exercise, but if a gentle introduction into a more active lifestyle is what you prefer, this is a great option.

In any case the games are made even more fun with multiplayers, and if you want to get more out of your time spent playing Wii Sports Resort, it’s a good idea to get together with friends or family to play. You are likely to be more active while enjoying yourself this way.

Although these games on the Wii provide great family entertainment, one disadvantage is the need to spend extra money and purchase a Wii Motion Plus controller separately, as Wii Sports uses Motion Plus instead of the standard Wii controller.

Wii Sports Resort appeals to all ages with its wide variety of fun games, but if you need something more intense for a proper workout, you may need to find an alternative. Even the original boxing game from Wii Sports is better in order to break a sweat.

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Kinect Sports:

Best Kinect Sports Reviews The Xbox 360 also has Kinect Sports as its own sports game title similar to the Wii. This title fully utilizes the console’s ability to detect full body movements and the kind of activity range this type of motion control allows.

Kinect Sports offers a variety of games including boxing, ping pong, volleyball, soccer, track and field, and bowling. These further contain mini-games that provide a wide range of fitness sports gameplay.

The biggest advantage of Kinect Sports for physical fitness is full body motion sensing without controllers. This allows a wider range of movements with your entire body, thus getting you more fulfilling and proper exercise. It is a great way to get on your feet and really enjoy your workout.

Xbox Kinect also has better graphics than the Wii, which enhances your gaming experience and keeps you engaged. It doesn’t necessarily aid in getting you fit, but the extra motivation helps to keep you on the track to physical fitness and makes the exercises more enjoyable.

Except the bowling game, the other Kinect Sports games are really effective in getting your entire body up and moving so that you can exercise every part. Kinect Sports is great if your primary purpose for getting the Kinect is health and fitness.

Another good feature that helps you track your progress and monitor your own activity is automatic video and photo recording while you play. The images and recordings are only saved after confirmation from you, so if you find them embarrassing you can simply delete the data.

If you like playing with friends or family, you do not even need to change settings or start a new game in multiplayer mode. As soon as another player steps into the space, the sensors automatically register the second player and open games for multiplayers.

A few drawbacks in Kinect Sports include some issues with tracking and motion detection, but the problem doesn’t come up very often and is not a major concern. Another downside is the fact that although Kinect Sports is still popular, this version is several years old now.

All in all Kinect Sports is a great way to get a proper workout and stay active in the comfort of your own home.


From a fitness gaming point of view, Kinect Sports is a better option compared to Wii Sports Resort. Not only does it include games that demand a greater level of exercise from you, the ability of the Xbox Kinect to sense movements in the whole body also widens the range of exercises and moves that can be performed. Wii Sports Resort also has its strong points, and those looking for some gentle activity coupled with family entertainment will find it rewarding enough. If you already possess a Wii, the Kinect can still be a nice addition to provide some extra activity and fun.

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