At Home Body Building: Essential Equipment

Most people tend to go to the gym to get their workouts and exercises done. However, some gym members have become tired of going to these gyms due to the drama and competition that happen there. Most of the time, these incidents result to never getting the proper workout or exercise that you planned to do. If this has been happening to you, you should consider having your workouts and exercises at your own home gym. You will be surprised to know that having one is not as expensive as maintaining months of membership that you pay to your local gym.

The following eight essential equipment, you can build your gym right in your own home. These pieces will enable you to perform dozens of workout routines for the various parts of your upper and lower body.

#1 Exercise Mat

Even though this is not a required piece for your workouts, this can make your exercises more comfortable and easier, especially if the floor where you will be doing your workouts is too smooth. Having an exercise mat can give you a better balance when doing crunches, sit-ups, push-ups and yoga.

#2 Pull-up Bar

This equipment is great if you are aiming to build your biceps and back muscles. You should look for one that can be re-adjusted such that you can easily fit it according to the width of your doorway. Find the correct type of pull-up bar that can surely support your weight.

#3 Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great to have for your workouts and exercises since they are small and handy enough to bring anywhere. You can bring them even during your travels to ensure that you can get your exercise even if you are anywhere around the globe. In addition, these bands come in various sizes and strengths depending on the workout intensity that you are aiming for.

#4 Dumbbells

One can almost always find dumbbells in any home gym since you can do a wide variety of exercises with this equipment. Try getting three to five pairs in different weights so you can do different workouts that call for various dumbbells weights. Also, as you progress through your workouts, you should move to a heavier dumbbell to ensure that your muscles will become stronger. You can also opt to buy a dumbbell bar that has removable weights especially if you have a smaller gym space in your home. This way, you can just add or remove weights depending on what you need.

#5 Adjustable Weight Bench

Having an adjustable weight bench can be very helpful for your weightlifting exercises since you can partner this with your dumbbells or barbells. Exercises like incline and decline bench presses and flyes can be done with this weight bench, giving a bigger challenge in your workout regimen.

#6 Free Weights and Barbell

For your home gym, you should have a durable bar, clamps and a set of weights in different sizes. The usual starting set of weights come in 2.5#, 5#, 10# and 25# weight variations. You can add new pairs of weights in the future if you feel like you need to have them heavier. Most bars lets you stack weights, but there is a limit on the number of plates that you can stack. So you will have to purchase heavier ones if you can no longer stack additional weights in your iron bar.

#7 Jump Rope

Another handy equipment, jumping ropes are small enough to be brought anywhere. Without taking up much room in your bag, you can always get the needed cardio exercise anytime and anywhere. Partnering this with your resistance bands can let you have the complete cardio and strengthening exercises that you need even at home or at work.

#8 Step-Up Box

Great to use with music or step-up training videos, this equipment gives you great cardio workouts. Even though they are lightweight, they are sturdy enough to support anyone.

If arranged properly, all the pieces of this equipment fit efficiently in a corner of your room. You can easily bring them out whenever you need to do your workouts and training. You can have the comfort of your home while doing exercises and workouts at your own pace with all the equipment that you can need. By having these pieces, you will surely save a fortune from paying your monthly gym membership. As a bonus, your other family members can also have the benefit and fun of having a healthy lifestyle with you!

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