An Easy Guide For Buying An Upright Bike As A Gift

An Easy Guide For Buying An Upright Bike As A GiftChristmas is coming, Black Friday deals are on and you are planning on buying an upright bike as a gift. You are definitely worried what aspects to look at when buying an upright exercise bike and this guide will help you with that. This guide will help you with the easiest and most understandable terms in buying the right upright bike for your loved one or yourself. After reading the tips given below you should be in a position to take the right decision on buying the right exercise bike for anyone without taking further help from others.

Here are the most important points you would not want to miss as you explore the many options for upright bikes.

#1) Mechanism

Upright bikes are available with various mechanisms; some use a fan-like wheel and use air as resistance while others use magnetic resistance. Whatever the mechanism may be, you have to make sure you choose the option that’s the quietest of all. Noisy upright bikes can be very annoying and they would end up sitting there in the corner with no one daring to use them for their noisiness.

#2) Handlebars And Seating

Upright bikes are very compact and as the name suggests, they are upright. The position of the handlebars and seating means a lot on an upright bike. Too often people end up with an upright bike with handlebars so close to the seat that their knees hit the handlebars as they operate it. This can be a painful situation so you have to be sure you choose the right bike with ample distance between the handlebars and seating. It is highly preferable that you choose a bike with a seat that can be adjusted not only horizontally but vertically too. Furthermore, there are upright bikes with moving and still handlebars.

#3) Console And Functions

On an upright bike the console matters a lot. If you are buying an upright bike as a gift for someone, it can be said that the person you are giving it to either needs to be serious with his/her fitness or is already very serious about it. In any case, the user needs to be guided properly and a console with pre-installed programs can be most helpful here. Go for bikes with a lot of pre-installed workout programs focusing on cardio, calories, heart rate etc. The LCD should be easily readable too.

#4) Pedals

Remember, upright bike is all about cycling and the pedals must be comfortable for long workout sessions. Go for pedals that are oversized, textured for slip-free operation and have strong straps on them.

#5) Footprint And Portability

Upright bikes are designed to be compact and occupy very little space, and you would want to keep that purpose alive. Go for upright bike that fits in a small space and can be easily moved too. Transport wheels are very important to move this equipment so you should go for one with transport wheels.

#6) A Complete Package

It should be a complete package whether you are buying an upright bike as a gift or for yourself. Look for some greatly useful options such as elbow/forearm rests, fan, speakers and bottle holders on the bike. These options are of great importance when you want to focus on your workout instead of getting up over and over to drink water or change the music track on your computer speakers etc.

#7) Settings On Console

How many resistance levels are there? How easy is it to change the resistance levels? Can you store your workout information on a USB and join an online fitness program? Does the console allow you to make multiple IDs for multiple users? If these options are present in your upright bike, you should go for it without hesitating for a moment.

#8) Sturdy Built

The built of the bike should be very sturdy, not only in terms of material but it should hold the ground well too. You don’t want to end up with an upright bike that rattles and rocks when you exercise on it. Try to avoid the plastic parts as much as you can. Aluminum and stainless steel are some good materials to go for.

#9) Flywheel Weight

If you are buying an upright bike as a gift for your loved one that uses a flywheel, always ask about the weight of the flywheel. The heavier the flywheel the smoother the bike will be. A heavy flywheel makes transitions from low speed to high speed and high speed to low speed fluid and smooth.

#10) Warranties

Always look for warranty information and if you didn’t know there are many upright bikes with long warranties. Upright bikes with 10-year frame warranty are commonly available today so you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less. Look for mechanical and electrical warranty as well. A 1-year electrical warranty is a great option.

It is well understood that the more features there are on the bike the more expensive it would be. Your main goal is fitness and so there are a few options that you can skip but the major aspects such as quietness, comfortable positioning and seating, and a sturdy construction must never be compromised. Always look for online ratings from users before making your purchase.

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