Collection 9- Weight Training1. Build Lean Muscle Mass

As we age and with the neglect of inactivity, muscles decrease in mass. If muscles aren’t exercised through strength and resistance training, they shrink to nothing.

2. Begin Slowly

This is especially true with weight training to prevent injuries and sore muscles. Begin with a single set of weight training exercises and build up to multiple sets.

3. Use The Correct Weight

This tip can’t be stressed enough. If you use too much weight, you can cause injury because you won’t be doing the exercise properly and doing so puts to much stress on your muscles. Using too little weight in your routine won’t work your muscles enough to realize benefits.

4. Vary Your Weight Training Routine

Concentrating on the same set of muscles during each workout will have your body anticipating the routine. Switch up routines to make your workout more interesting. Plus, it helps you to gain strength and decreases the chances of a boring workout.

5. Use Various Methods

By using various methods for your weight training routine, you’ll keep from becoming bored and gain more strength from your efforts. Tools such as bars, machines, free weights, bands and your own body weight can produce the best long term results.

6. Include Mental Benefits In Your Weight Training Results

You’ll notice that weight training will increase your mental sharpness. You’ll have more confidence in yourself and your capabilities and be less sluggish and fatigued.

7. Use Isometric And Isotonic Resistance

Isometric resistance is when you contract your muscles against a stable object (such as pushups from the floor). Isotonic training means that you’re contracting your muscles by motion such as lifting weights. Each type helps keep you strong and helps to sculpt your body.

8. Give Your Muscles A Chance To Recover

Strength training requires that you give your muscles a chance to recover from an arduous workout, so be sure you take time to warm up, cool down, and perform weight training on alternate days.

9. Reduce Your Risk Of Falling With Weight Training

Weight training benefits go beyond muscle building. Your posture will improve as well as your balance and flexibility.

10. Prevent Disease With Weight Training

Weight training can be an essential part of preventing such debilitating diseases as arthritis and loss of bone density. It can even help improve your glucose levels if you have diabetes.

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