Collection 8-HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)1. No Gadgets Or Equipment Necessary

Adapt any exercise you enjoy to the HIIT training program. You don’t need to join a gym or purchase expensive equipment to get the benefits of this lifestyle-changing workout program.

2. The Tabata HIIT Method

In only 4 minutes of a Tabata-style workout you can achieve the same results you would with an hour long cardio-only workout.

3. Challenge Yourself As Never Before

HIIT is both the most difficult workout you’ll ever experience and the most gratifying. It only takes a few minutes out of your day so watching the clock and getting results is never a problem.

4. Melt Fat And Make Your Core Lean And Mean

You can almost look in the mirror and watch the fat on your body melt away when you incorporate HIIT in your workout routine. You’ll also see the difference in your core and notice that your endurance and strength improves.

5. Super-Charge Your Metabolism

It’s a fact that your metabolism has everything to do with burning fat. You’ll be excited to know that HIIT helps your metabolism burn more calories even after the workout is long over.

6. Build Muscle

HIIT workouts are scientifically known to build more muscle mass than those long aerobic workout routines. The reason is that HIIT workouts produce higher levels of oxidation than other forms of exercise routines.

7. HIIT Adapts To A Busy Lifestyle

While exercise is important, it shouldn’t have to take up so much of your valuable time. Opt for a 20 minute Tabata workout instead of a 40 minute run and burn twice the calories.

8. Aerobic And Anaerobic Method

With HIIT, you’ll work out smarter and get faster and better results. The combined use of aerobic and anaerobic exercises speed up your metabolism and sculpts your body at the same time.

9. Begin Slowly And Work Up In HIIT Levels

Don’t risk injuries by thinking you can go “just a bit longer” with your HIIT workout. Measure your capacity and work at the level you’re capable of rather than trying to rev it up before you’re ready.

10. Enjoy Your Life As You Enjoy Your HIIT Workouts

You’ll begin to enjoy the health benefits of HIIT as you progress, and the way your body looks. You’ll enjoy life more because you’re not spending all your time working out. HIIT workouts are short and sweet – and produce results!

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