Collection 7- Bodyweight1. Repetitions

Each repetition you perform when using body weight movement engages more of your core muscles and also uses fires-up your nervous system more than most exercises.

2. Strength For The Armed Forces

Signing up? Keep in mind that when the instructors judge your strength and fitness levels, they don’t judge you by the weight you can lift, but your body weight strength.

3. Jump Start Your Heart

When using the power of your body to propel yourself up for height or distance, you have to focus on landing accurately and safely. Your own body will produce the benefits of the workout.

4. Zero-Gym Body Weight Exercises

Great body weight workouts which don’t require special equipment are dips, chin and pull ups, inverted row and lunge, plus a bodyweight squat.

5. Remember To Breathe

Many people hold their breath during exercise. Develop a method of breathing where it’s measured and steady.

6. Focus On Fitness

Choose an exercise you’d like to improve upon and begin to perform it three times a week. Do two to three sets of repetitions either at the beginning or end of your normal exercise routine.

7. Burns Fat Fast

Because body weight training involves repetitions and continuous movement, you’ll increase your body’s metabolism, which means that unwanted fat is burned at an amped-up rate.

8. Ultra-Convenient

With body weight training, you can squeeze in a workout no matter where you are. In a hotel room, do some pushups. In your office, wall squats and plank are impressive!

9. Promotes Balance And Flexibility

Flexible muscles and joints, as well as a noticeable bursts of power are added benefits to a body weight workout. By ensuring that you’re better balanced and joints are more flexible, you lessen the possibility of debilitating injuries.

10. Results Are Fast And Effective

Whatever you wanted to accomplish for your body image can be done with body weight training exercises. Your body will be toned and fit to a point that your performance in any activity is improved.

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