Collection 3- Strength Training

1. Free Weights

Use free weights rather than machine weights to gain lean muscle and strength. The bench press, overhead press, squat and dead lift are four strength training exercises you can perform to get the most out of your free weight workout

2. Weight and Resistance

Slowly increase weight over time to target muscle groups and maintain good form. As the weights become easier to use, add weight of 1 to 2 pounds for the arms and 2 to 5 pounds for the legs. You can also add another set of repetitions to get the maximum strength training workout.

3. Rest Your Muscles

Give your muscles some time off from strength training. By working the muscles on a constant basis you risk tears in the muscle tissue. Although these tears aren’t harmful, they can cause strain on the muscles. Rest them for a couple of days to give them a chance to recover.

4. Maintain Proper Tempo

When working out during your strength training routine, be sure you employ a counting technique to stay in control. You can count to 3 while lowering a free weight – hold, and then count to 3 again while raising the weight to the first position.

5. Increase Heart Rate Before Workouts

Fire up you heart rate up before beginning your strength training routine to loosen muscles and increase your range of motion. Walk briskly, jog or spin cycle. Lunges also increase the heart rate and fire up your large muscle groups.

6. Use Various Methods Of Strength Training

Free weights aren’t the only method of strength training. Resistance bands, kettle bells and medicine balls, weight bars an exercise bars are also great methods – including your own body weight.

7. Know Your Weight Limit

When using free weights for strength training, you may need to experiment before getting it right. It’s best to err on the light side rather than choosing weights that could cause discomfort.

8. Eat More To Pack On Muscle

You’ll likely need to consume extra calories when strength training. But, don’t confuse consumption of calories for eating the proper foods. You can eat more healthy foods to gain muscle and remain at a healthy weight.

9. Breathe Properly

The way you breathe during a strength training workout is just as essential to your well-being as the routine. Exhale as you lift, push or pull. Then, remember to inhale as you release.

10. Address Imbalances

Most people have more strength on one side of the body than the other. To address these imbalances, it’s best to isolate one side of your body and then the other for a strength training workout.

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