Collection 10- Fitness Tips for Seniors1. Exercise For Memory Fitness

The endorphins released by exercise helps your memory, mood and confidence. Endorphins are better for mood and memory than prescription drugs – and free!

2. Better Balance And Coordination

Exercise helps to prevent disabling falls by keeping both your mind and body healthy and active.

3. Socialize

Seniors tend to become isolated when they no longer have a job to attend or children to take care of. Exercising in a gym or a group can help you get out and socialize, which also improves your outlook on life.

4. Exercise For The Disabled

If you are in a wheelchair or confined in one way or another, you can improve your cardiovascular and muscle strength by performing chair aerobics, stretching and light weight lifting.”

5. Exercise To Maintain Or Lose Weight

Exercise can rev up your metabolism so that your body functions properly.

6. Improve Your Sleep Patterns

As people age, sleep often becomes a health issue. Exercise can help you fall asleep quickly and into a deep sleep.

7. Mood And Confidence Booster

Exercise is a great endorphin booster, which, in turn, boosts your mood. Your self-confidence will automatically improve because you’ll look and feel much better about yourself.

8. Health And Capabilities

Before embarking on any type of activity, get a full bill of health from a health care provider. For seniors, it’s especially necessary to get medical clearance if you have a pre-existing condition.

9. Set Short-Term Goals

If you’re a senior who has been inactive for a long time, take it slow when you begin an exercise program. Going all out all at once can have a crash-and-burn effect that will make you want to quit.

10. Stay Active Any Way You Can

You may not be able to enjoy all types of exercise, but find at least one that fits your need to stay active as you age. Get up and walk or even exercise in your chair – but move.

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