101 Fitness TipsThis page provides tips and techniques help you excel and keep motivated with your fitness. Fitness categories included are:

1. Swimming
2. Running
3. Strength Training
4. Interval Training
5. CrossFit
6. Cycling
7. Bodyweight
9. Weight Training
10. Aging or Senior Fitness

It’s no secret obesity is at an all time high in the U.S. No longer do we have to burn up calories to find food. We just walk down the hallway and open the refrigerator or pack up the family to hit the fast food diner. For most people, work and entertainment is accomplished sitting down. Depression, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, stress, heart disease and a host of other disorders are often directly connected to our diet and fitness.

Today, people are waking up to the fitness. The Number 1 personal change you can make to improve your health is to adopt a daily fitness practice. Daily?!? Yes, why not?

There are so many different types of exercises you can practice you’ll never become bored by a routine of running on the treadmill day after day. Instead, try something different every day. The key is keeping your body engaged and your spirit motivated by trying something new.

Sure, you want to reduce the amount of body fat you are pushing around, but thinking the latest diet craze is the answer only ends up in another disappointment. Right? You’ve been there before and, well, failed.

The answer lies in burning more calories each day. True, you’ll burn up calories sitting in front of your computer, but how do you “sit more” in order to “burn more?” Instead, you need to take one of those “sit down” hours and convert it into activity.

Find a nearby fitness center, hire a personal trainer, order some training DVDs through Amazon, or simply start with two 30 minute walks. You can fit one in during your lunch hour and after you get home from work. If you work from home, well…you know you have no excuse for not making a commitment to fitness.

Share your fitness adventures with others. You’ll be their inspiration. You can share these fitness tips, too!

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Let’s start with Fitness Tip #101

Fitness Tip 101

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