10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts

10 Reasons Why Kettlebell Training Is Better Than Other Workouts

The Kettlebell, a weight shaped like a steel ball with a steel handle, is among the most desirable tools for weight training. In addition to using it for various exercises in order to target several muscle groups simultaneously, the Kettlebell also brings about an anaerobic state during workouts.

This refers to intense exercise which leaves you extremely short of breath. An anaerobic state (is a workout “without oxygen,” where the person is literally gasping for air during exercise) can be brought about with interval training as well as Kettlebell workouts to burn fat and effectively get your metabolism running for more than 24 hours after your workout.

10 Reasons Why Kettlebells Are Better Than Cardio

1. 3 In 1 Workout If you want a workout that combines cardio with weight training to build your lean muscle mass, burn fat and improve heart health, Kettlebell circuits are a great option to obtain all three benefits from a single workout.

2. High Calorie Burning – A cross trainer or treadmill will burn around 600 calories if you exercise for one hour, while Kettlebells can help burn up to 1200 calories within the same duration.

3. Superiority To Barbells, Dumbbells And Other Weight Machines – Although other weight training tools such as dumbbells and barbells are also good for muscle building, they are generally meant to work a specific muscle or just one muscle group in one workout session. This prolongs the process of toning all the muscles in your body. In contrast, Kettlebell training targets multiple muscles at a time, enabling you to build lean muscle mass with a complete workout for the whole body.

4. Superior Core Fitness – A powerful body center is essential for every individual as it determines your level of fitness. A strong core helps improves posture and steadies your movements throughout the day and during sports or other activities. Training with Kettlebells provides ample chances to strengthen the core, making it a better workout option than muscle training and cardio that don’t work the core.

5. Economic – Kettlebells are an inexpensive way to get fit instead of spending large amounts on weight training and cardio equipment or gym memberships.

6. Mobile – You can easily take Kettlebells with you anywhere as they are portable and storage is also easy.

7. Time Saving – Usually weight training and cardio have to be done on separate days, but since Kettlebell training is a combination of both, you can save time by burning fat and building muscles at the same time.

8. Low Impact – Many cardio workouts have a high impact on the joints, such as running or aerobics. You can save your joints with Kettlebell training since it has low impact, making it suitable for every individual who avoids impact cardio but wants a form of exercise that gets the heart pumping.

9. Increases Flexibility – Workouts with Kettlebells are aimed at improving flexibility and range of motions, and the benefits of these will serve well in your routine life as well as in old age.

10. Never Get Bored With Diverse And Fun Workouts – The various exercises done with Kettlebells will not get monotonous. You can create different circuits to keep your moves unique so that you do not get bored with the routine. Walking, treadmill running or pedalling bikes for hours can be frustrating and boring, while Kettlebell training can be fun.

People often get fed up of the monotony of doing the same moves week after week, and Kettlebell training can provide the diversity in workouts which you need to keep you motivated.

How to Get Started

It is easy to start a Kettlebell regimen with so many resources available these days. You can get a copy of the Power of Kettlebells to learn how you can best begin your kettlebell training. There is a wide range of DVDs offered to teach you all about Kettlebell training, or you can also find exercises online to learn the right techniques and proper form. (Note: Read my honest review on the Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights Workout DVD) A qualified instructor can be found at a gym near you for Kettlebell classes.

The important thing is to learn all about proper form and the best way to train with Kettlebells, because any kind of weight training without some guidance can lead to injury.

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